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  • I've got some international colleagues coming to a conference in Rotorua later this year and they're asking me about playing golf.

    Wondering what are the best experience, best value courses to recommend to them and, especially, if there's any hidden gems?

    Got a feeling you're an expert in this field, Hooroo?

  • Haven't played there for a while but Springfield used to be pretty good.

    If they are after the geothermal experience though then the rotorua golf club at whakarewarewa would be one to visit to as well.

  • Hooroo would def be the man in this area.

  • How far is it to Wairakei? It's a superbly designed course.

  • Played my 100holes in a day last year at Wairakei Tim. Superb course indeed. Its probably 45mins drive from Rotorua and definitely worth going there if they dont mind the short commute.

  • Yeah, Wairaki is around 45 mins and a great course. Rubbish service though, I'd travel the extra 20 mins and play Kinloch.

    Best course hands down and set up for the tourist golfer is Rotorua Golf Club (Opposite Te Puia) It is in superb nick and now has clearings that let you see all the mud pools etc. Definitely play there. Avoid springfield. They ran out of money and the course is representitive of that. Absolutely shocking.

    Another course that I recommend in Rotorua is Lake View. About 15 mins from town and half way up the Mamaku's overlookig Rotorua and the lake. Neat wee course to play as well.

    If you need any information on any of these, just let me know.

  • When I say best course hands down, I mean excluding Kinloch and Wairaki where you will pay nearly $200 per roun d as an international visitor. Rotorua will be about $60 + Cart and Club hire


  • I can vouch for Rotorua being a good course, good layout, decent challenge as well as the mud pools and the like, nice facilities too.

    IMO it is better than the supposedly tougher Springfield (even though I played much better on it...) but also agree with Hooroo on Lakeview, nice little course, although a bit shorter than both the others.

  • Shame to hear how downhill Springfield has gone. Use to be pretty decent.

    Man, I feel like taking a week off and heading out of town to play some golf. There are some neat little courses out there that don't cost the earth to play.

  • When I played Springfield it was in good nick, I just didnt rate it that much? It used ot be (or still is?) Danny Lee's 'home' course.

    Yeah some great golf courses about, and they are well priced! Pretty lucky up this way, we have alot of courses in close proximity - over a dozen within an hour or so, and most of them are decent quality too (particularly Mangawhai, Waipu, Waitangi, Whangarei, Kerikeri)

  • Wonder if we need a golf thread in Off Topic??

  • Maybe just change the name of this thread?

  • I thought this was it?

    TSF Golf day like we did in London would be good.

    I suggest Whangamata!

  • How many can your pad down there hold Hooroo?

  • [quote name='taniwharugby' timestamp='1369172463' post='367203']
    Maybe just change the name of this thread?

    Yeah we should but maybe once Chris B has had a chance to see some initial responses so he doesn't think he thread has been lost.

  • [quote name='JK' timestamp='1369172970' post='367206']
    How many can your pad down there hold Hooroo?

    6, comfortably

  • Well then....would be rude not to eh.

    I've only recently got back in to the game. Joined the ("Royal") Apiti Golf Club - only $90 for the year and gets me all affiliated etc. One more card and I'll have a handicap again.

    Could probably do with some new sticks. Might be on the xmas list.

  • I need to get back into the game, and get some new sticks too!, still a member at the club I grew up on, only $140 full membership, just need to actually play!

    Have played 4 rounds of matchplay in the past 12 months and 2 Ambrose!

  • Yeah, I'm keen.

    PLay Whangamata and Lakes resort or play Whangamata and then can a hole on the little 9 hole course

  • Sounds a great idea.

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