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    Have always been skeptical about ab belts as I generally am about that tv shop cråp. However, my brother bought one of those belts the other day and I gave it a wirl. Gee, it doesnt half smash the stomach. Obviously it won't do shæt unless combined with regular training and proper diet but I'm now thinking of getting one of these things. Anybody have any experience with these gizmos?

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    [quote name='JK' timestamp='1373787204' post='379233']
    Never heard of them

    Really? They've been around for ages. Bruce Lee was one of the early pioneers. You just tie the belt around your waste, switch it on and it sends an electric pulse into your gut or something. There are of course different settings, programmes etc. You can get other ones where you have little suction caps that you stick on to the parts you want to hit. Normally I wouldnt be too keen in this type of thing but seeing as the abs are high-rep muscles it could be an excellent addition to training.

  • I'm dubious about them. Like you pointed out unless you're eating/training is good they won't be giving you a visible 6 pack any time soon. I don't know how 'functional' it is? I know it flexes the muscles but surely abs are flexing in all sorts of conditions (as you move, rotate, stretch, compress etc). You may increase your sneezing power though!

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