Star Gazing

  • (Nothing to do with our friend the Saders fan from Hawkes.)

    And am not sure we have a thread for this. Could go into Science! but I'll start a new one, until it's moved.

    Just saw this story on the ABC
    On meteor shower currently visible in the wee small hours.

    Kind of coincidentally I was out for a walk early this morning (5am) and noticed a bright red star. Checked on Google Skymap and yes it was Mars. Didn't notice Jupiter & Saturn which are in the vicinity apparently, but various other stars and constellations were quite bright. Spectacular morning. Given the above I'll know where to look.

    This gives me motivation to get up early again tomorrow to see if I can spot some meteors.

  • Some sites I use for stargazing/ photography that might assist are a dark map ( which identifies light pollution and ephemeris (

  • use an app called Star Tracker, is great, has alerts to events (such as meteor showers) just point at the sky and shows you what is there 👽

    But isnt available on all Android Platforms (no idea about Apple devices)

  • A handy Facebook page; - while Tauranga based it's a good group for prompts on when there will be good sightings of the ISS or starlink clusters visible across the upper North Island.

  • Yeah got some app I occasionally use on the phone to see what is what up there. Not so much when in Auckland but often when down at the beach as much better viewing here.

    Starlink passes a couple of weeks back were pretty good

  • So out a bit earlier this morning, 4:30.

    Mrs Boo wanted to go for a walk too. Probably s bit early for her liking, but, well.

    Few showers about so not unimpeded views.

    Did make out Mars (again), but also Jupiter & Saturn (between clouds) this time.

    One decent meteor left to right/North to South across our path, and a couple of glimpses of flashing stars out of the corner of my eye.

    Beach here where are living is much better viewing than the beach in town. Houses and street lighting much less dense so the sky is much clearer.

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