TSF home page changes

  • A few minor changes to the front page

    SR Stuff.png

    Those matches can be clicked on to take you through to the match thread. It's just a quicker/different way of finding those threads

    Again just a quicker way of finding the team announcements. They can be hard to trawl back in a thread to get to

    Youtube highlights of the latest round of matches

    Squad lists
    @Stargazer keeps track of the injury announcements. I find it really useful because no one else keeps this info in one place

    The page defaults to Blues/Forwards. Click on the icons to cycle through

    Not working yet
    I have all the Super Rugby results going back to 1996. When I can be bothered I'll make a UI for filtering them

    All results by season
    Team results by season
    Team vs Team results

    etc etc

  • Tags
    Promoted posts/articles have a blues tags at the bottom of them now.

    Clicking on those takes you to a Tag page which also shows forum posts on the same topic

    Cricket is a good example
    Or Rugby World Cup

    Not sure how useful this is.. but it was easy to do

    If a Tag is the name of a rugby team the page will also show recent match threads.

    Also I've put a trashy gradient of the team colours in the background eg

    I may add polls to team pages.. haven't decided

  • Results page is up now

    You can get to it from the front page links here:


    Season Results

    The page defaults to showing the current season. There's a menu to select previous seasons


    Team Results

    The team results are is more interesting

    Select 'Search By Team', then select a team

    The Team results can be filter by:

    • Opposition
    • Home/Away
    • Year

    The table will filter and so will the summary card


    The table collapses down to phone size but the info is easier to read on larger screens (maybe go to landscape mode on a phone)

    There will be an All Blacks version of this page. Also a NPC one (not sure how far that will go back though)

    Let me know if anything is broken or if you have any suggestions

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