5/2 diet

  • Had read a bit about this some time back (also another one that suggested complete fasting for a whole day a week) and then saw something else on it more recently so did a bit more reading about it.
    Since I moved at the end of April my weight had slowly gone back up from ~88kg to 95kg, and given I hadnt been doing as much exercise, I just cant get it back down.
    Anyway, last Monday (94.8kg) I started the above diet, which is based around eating pretty much normally for 5 days and then for 2 days restricting your calorie intake to 700cal.
    First low cal day was a bit of a struggle, and am still fine tuning to get the best 'value' out of what I eat on these days (banana, 2 x kiwifruit, orange, half a can of baked beans for dinner, leaving about 200+/- cals for coffee if I need it or something else)
    Anywhoo, today is my 4th low cal day, and this morning I weighed 91.6kg (lost 3.2kg in 11 days, which according to the book - yes I do believe evrything I read - will be mostly fat lost)
    The other thing around the reading of this diet was that they reckon you can still exercise like normal on the low cal day, which I am dubious about, although I did go for a light run on my first low cal day, but havent on the other 2 since and probably wont tonight.
    I havent felt overly hungry on the low cal days (oddly I felt hugely hungry the night after my first low cal day) and wil keep doing until I get back to 90kg, after which I will probably increase the calories to 1,000 on the low cal days.

  • Yeah, I breifly read something about that and it's about letting your body be rid of excess glucose or something isn't it?

    Yo Elliot talking about his fasting approach to dieting. Around getting lean without losing too much strength etc.

  • Did Intermittant fasting last year for 3months on the quiet (Bart said anything involving fasting was cult like) and got good results in terms of weight loss but lost more muscle than I wanted. Lost a decent amount of fat though.
    But really it all comes down to calories in vs calories burned and if you are in a deficit then you will lose weight.
    Im carb cycling now and running at a deficit overall and it's great. Getting good results and fits my lifestyle well.

  • For your low calories day try and incorporate lots of green like broccoli, salad, cauli, green beans. Go to town on this stuff as it is very low carb (and low calories) so will fill you up without destroying your calorie limit.
    Also green tea and black coffee are also very good. Pretty much zero calories if you don't add sugar etc

  • a cult of 1....dont thnk I have a great deal of muscle to lose TBH and still have more than my share of fat round the middle 🙂
    Not a fan of black coffee, but can handle green tea.
    By fark I was hungry yesterday though!!

  • More greens then bud. Take up way less calories then fruit.

  • What's the booze consumption like bro? My puku and love handles are pretty much down to my love of beer. I'm going to have a dry month... ummm next month! and see what effect that has.

  • next to nothing....maybe 3-4 stubbies and a double shot of bourbon a week at the most (this week 1 stubbie)

  • Bart had mentioned something about alcohol's influence on fat loss. It'd be pretty ruthless if a single beer wrote you off for any fat burning for a day or so.

  • just doubled my week's tally with a cold one at work!

  • There was another diet I heard of for fat burn which was the opposite - 5 days on, 2 days off. From the guy who did the Spartan Program.
    Each of the 5 days was basically the same thing: calorie intake down to 1100 based on a strict menu of a basic mince meal and a basic shake (I've got the recipes somewhere). Only other intake was water or coffee for stimulation if you want it. No sugar, grains, or anything carb pretty much. On Day 1 go for a 45 minute run to burn out all the glycogen, the idea being the protein/fat based meals will switch your fat burning on when there aren't any carbs to supplement it.
    Something like that anyway. Haven't had the nerve to try it yet, because 1100 calories a day when I'm at work is a bit nuts, and at home is nigh on impossible when you're out and about looking after the kids.

  • 1100 a day for 5 days would suuuuck!
    750 a day 2 days a week is bad enough that I dont really look forward to the days!
    BUt it is working, so once I get back to 90, increasing the calorie intake (to about 1000 or so) or doing only 1 day (@750) will be the options I will look at.

  • Interesting wee article re diets and different metabolic types
    I'm def a metabolic hunter.

  • interesting...am a hunter also.

  • I am an eater.

  • I'm not, well today at least...only at 245 calories so far today and did a workout this morning, so must be in a big deficit!
    Saving the cals for dinner!

  • Tough day for ya mate. I'm on my low calorie day and i'm already at 755cals for the day!

  • yep as soon as my weight goes back down, I will drop 1 low cal day and increase that 1,000 cals...good incentive to make it work 🙂

  • Interesting wee article re diets and different metabolic types
    I'm def a metabolic hunter.

    And another angle on it...... Consideration of blood typeshttp://www.dadamo.com/program.htm

  • Cultists 😉

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