Survey of you fitness folks

  • Seeing as how the Fern has it's own little coven of folk with far more energy than I, it would be remiss of me not to use you all for ideas to pass on to my son.
    He is currently studying a sports degree and has been in demand for training programmes from a lot of his mates who have seen his own results. Personal training isn't really his thing but he's writing programmes for a little cash.
    One aspect of the industry that does interest him though is 'accessories'. He has seen a bit of room for a brand geared toward reasonably priced accessories and has just received his first shipment of product (watches) after a small seed funding from mum and dad.
    I won't link to it here as per the board rules but am happy to PM a link to his website to anyone. 
    Anyway, back to the point. What kind of things might you lot want but find either doesn't exist how you want it or is too expensive/ overpriced. What kind of things could be handy at the gym or while training? Not looking anything too high tech just those simple things like training towels etc.
    He wants to build this idea as self funding as possible ie using the profits from one product to fund the next so will bring new stuff online as it happens but needs to research and source stuff first.
    Any ideas to add to the list?

  • Good luck to you. I'd say portable pull up bars, rubber bands (so some can do pull ups more easily), straps, and gloves.
    HB monitor watches.
    Short ankle high sports socks.
    Some type of notebook for recording workouts-of course, any notebook is ok, but a better one would be nice
    Easy to use timer for checking workouts/breaks etc
    Foam roller

  • What board rules?
    Long time poster etc etc I think you can plug your sons business on here.
    It's newbies that come along and ram us with links that is frowned upon

  • Yeah post away bro, you got heaps of street cred!
    Foam rollers - get younger folk using these - stretching and rolling out is amazing for performance and recovery. Wish I'd known about all that jazz when I was younger
    Exercise bands - to assist with all sorts of resistance type exercises. Chin ups, dips etc - really popular for a lot of bodyweight exercises, especially with the chicks who are lacking upper body strength. I see PT's at my gym using them all the time.
    Pre-workout mixing bottles - have that wire ball inside them to make sure the powder gets mixed properly
    There should be a few product lines that appeal to all sorts of gym bunnies - from power lifters to body builder to the Fern's resident gym warriors! I'd avoid going too specialised with product lines unless he can spot a real gap in the market. Power lifting, crossfit and Olympic lifting are increasingly popular even in 'vanilla' gyms - let alone your more specialised gyms like Powerhouse etc. I'd see what sorts of gear/accessories are popular for that crowd.
    I'll ask my PT and a few of the staff at Les Mills in wellies about products that are hard to find. I'm sure the Fern gang will have some good ideas - we all train in different ways with different types of gear.
    Good on him (and his folks) for getting amongst it!

  • Foam rollers - get younger folk using these - stretching and rolling out is amazing for performance and recovery. Wish I'd known about all that jazz when I was younger

    Yeah, and lacrosse balls for the same thing

  • Milk, I use a solid med ball rather than a roller most of the time. My PT uses a hockey ball - but I'm not that crazy just yet! As a heavier fulla I just squish the rollers, even those really dense ones.
    Actually putting an info pack together for younger folk about that prep work would be good. It's way too easy as a young fulla to want to come in and just smash tin. If you are involved in rep/elite sports you probably get that sort of training and information. But lots of people don't realise how good all that rolling out stuff is... and if you can link that info to a range of products... ta da!

  • Some people at the gym use a big PVC pipe. I find a barbell can be quite good for smashing the calves. Haven't tried a med ball and don't have access to the solid ones, but sounds like it would be good.

  • Thanks for the ideas guys, I'll pass them on.
    As I said, early days yet and what he's done is kicked of his 'brand' with an item that showcases the kind of style he is aiming for and has a reasonable profit margin so that he can build funds.
    Watches seemed a strange idea to me but apparently a lot of his mates wanted a fun knockaround soft watch that they could wear while either at the gym or to rugby training etc without worrying about it getting broken/stolen.
    They are selling really well considering that so far his marketing consists solely of spreading the word through FB and Instagram.
    Check them out here.
    As I said, its the small things that others aren't supplying yet that is the focus to start with. One thing he's working on is sourcing light 'wipe down' towels that he can logo and either sell direct or supply in bulk to gyms to hand out to regulars and new signups as a gift.
    Keep the cost/profit margin low but if the gift thing works out the numbers could be big.
    Would you guys appreciate it if your gym gave you cool looking light towels to keep for wiping down?

  • Les Mills (Taranaki st) has a few wipe down towels/spray bottles in the weights floors (not sure about in the cardio sections). Most people use their own towel from what I've seen. I think that's a good idea though, and perfect timing with summer coming on. A lightweight, absorbent training towel would be a useful gift or membership perk.

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