12 Days of Fitness

  • Here is something my gym is doing and I thought that a few on here may be interested in doing it as you don't need any equipment so can do it at home etc

    Just like the 12 days of christmas song you need to repeat all previous days so on the third day you will do a 3minute bridge, 2 minute wall squat and 1 a minute plank.....etc.
    Start soon otherwise you may have to exercise on xmas day!

  • 1 minute plank ???????????????????????????? pussies......:-)

  • Its the first day mate. Gotta start with something and lets face it...1 berpie aint gonna cut it.
    You a member of the 500 club yet mate? I've done a few 300 second planks this year but nothing longer for quite some time.

  • Ah right, re read the above.....Naaa never done one that long before but hey, there's a good challenge for me ! ( and anyone else ). Will aim to nail that during the Xmas period.

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