2014 - Lets bring it bitch!!

  • Ok I decided that I should start posting again. With a new job in August, and loosing my laptop the month before the first thing to go was updating my thread. During that time I played naki development and managed after a slow start to get a few games as starting tight head. Unfortunately in the last game of the year I did a grade 2 tear of my mcl in my bad knee which slowed the start of my planned summer training and re/prehab. After the last 2-3 weeks I've got back into running, rpm classes and for the first time before my op full lower body gym sessions. Still have to thrash the rehab, and be careful with my work load but I'm probably in the best condition head to toe at this time of the year since 2007. For the first time since then I have a base to work off as I kept my gym up during the season. And even with the injury can quite easily knock out sets of 10 box squats at at 150kgs so a good starting point.
    Goal for this summer is to build upto 125-127 kg of good weight while thrashing the cardio. I've got three weeks off over Xmas so while there will be piss drunk there's plenty of free time to go hard with the training. I want to continue my shift across to being a specialist tight head who can cover loose head and to do that competitively I need some extra strength and work on my cardio which wasn't to the level it needed to be this season due to the knee.
    I plan on just having brief overviews of my trainings to keep track on the workouts. Won't necessarily post the weight used but if I hit a mile stone I'll put it up.
    Yesterday I did gym. Chest, back and triceps. Ran to my mates place for warm up and then went from there. Was 3-4km. Once at the gym incline bench ss w/ db bent over row. Flat bb bench ss w/ upright row. Lat pull down ss w/ decline press ups. Close grip bench ss w/ standing ez bar tricep extensions. Tricep rope extensions ss w/ rope pull overs. Body weight bench dips and medicine ball throw sit-ups to finish. About 50 mins and was toast.
    Today was cardio. Rowing machine first up. 500m warm up followed by 30 mins of 30 sec on 30 sec off. Got up to 5265metres all up. Next went to the room they use for classes. Did 10 sets of 10m Spider-Man crawls and 20 butterfly sit ups. Took about an hour 10.

  • Welcome back mate!

  • Rpm tonight followed by 20mins of stretching. Back was super tight after the rower yesterday. It spasmed and cramped up all day. Not the best day to have an office job

  • Good to have you back bro - hope things go well and you are amping for rugby next season!

  • Shoulders and knee rehab today. Everything was three sets of 10.
    Cable wood chops - hi/lo then lo/hi
    Push press
    Standing military press
    Upright row ss w/ front plate raise
    Db side raises
    Arnold press
    Db bent over flies
    Rope face pull.
    The last 4 exercises I was super setting with my knee rehab to give my knee a rest between sets. Body was pretty tired after the last 3 days but I've got a late night at work tomorrow so had to switch my day off til tomorrow. Very much looking forward to it. The day off gym, not the 12+ hours of accounting.

  • Cross fit this morning. 12 days of Christmas workout. In order from 1-12 the exercises were:
    Shoulder press
    Kettle bell swings
    Push press
    Front squat
    Bridge - elbow to hands
    Air squats
    Hand release press ups
    Dead lifts
    Lateral bar jumps
    Goblet squats
    Wall walk
    Did it I'm 30 mins 50 seconds. Cut off was 30mins but I finished the wall walks. Was a tough session. It started really well and I blitzed the first few rounds but a couple of the combos later on caught me up. The push press into front squat hurt and the dead lift sapped a lot of energy out of the legs

  • With all of the festive activities there has been a lot of drinking already. To blow some of the shit out if the system I did 10km on the rower in 41 mins 10 secs. Had targeted sub 40 but missed it by about 300m.

  • Full body gym session this morning just to ease back into it after a week off. Couple exercises per major body part. Pull ups, db bench, bb incline, box squats, sprinter lunges, seated row, side shoulder raises and front shoulder raises.
    The session was had, but was always going to be after a week of drinking and eating shit haha.

  • Yesterday morning was a boot camp session at back beach in New Plymouth at the dunes. The session involved shuttles up the stairs, a body weight circuit on the sand and then a couple dune climbs. Was an hour all up including warm up and warm down.
    Today was a upper body session which took 40 mins. All super sets with pretty much no rest. Bench ss with wide group chins. Incline db bench ss with bent over row. Seated bench machine ss with db bench flies. Each exercise was 5 sets of 8-10 reps. It was a really good session and got a hell of a sweat up.
    I followed this up with a short interval session on the fields. 2 sets of 10x 50m going every 45secs and 1 set of 5x 100m going every minute.
    Yesterday was the biggest race meeting of the year and involved a lot of alcohol being drunk so it was good to sweat it out. Feel 100% better for doing so

  • Knee rehab and body balance session at the gym. I had been warned that it was pretty tough and they were right. I am very, very inflexible

  • Chest session today:
    BB bench press
    BB incline bench
    Cable cross overs (both high-low and vice versa)
    Db overhead chest extension
    Machine flies

  • Les mills body combat tonight. Good sweat up

  • Boot camp this morning. 2 work outs:
    Kettle bell swings with tyre flips up a hill.
    Walking lunges up a hill, jog back, burpie broad jumps up the hill then crab crawl back down
    This was a higher intensity than the dune session and sucked that much more.

  • Did legs yesterday afternoon. 50 mins and only did dead lifts, box squats and smith machine sprinter lunges. Managed to build up to 135kg x 10 for dead lifts and 175kg x 5 for box squad.

  • Did chest on Thursday, arms and extras on Friday, another chest and back session yesterday and cardio today. Due to the time of the year I've been training with different people and seem to get them on their chest days haha. It's not going to hurt but the chest is fried.
    Today was an ok cardio session, nothing to intense but was enough to bugger me. Did three sets of 1km rowing + 1km on the treadmill. The rest was the time it took to set the equipment up. Come the second set my legs were heavy as hell and I struggled. I started the treadmill on 4.5 min kms and finished just under 5.5min kms.
    I've got a lot of cardio work to do

  • Rugby related question Chubbster: what is the general feeling about the new scrum laws? I note you're looking at particular mass goals for next season and wondering where the general consensus is on size as it relates to height and technique.
    Also what the refs are saying pre-game, because quite honestly I see a lot of the problems coming from the way the ref handles the first few engagements.

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