Northland MOTM v Taranaki

  • Pick your 3 from the win over Taranaki

  • After Counties: Tom Robinson 3, JOsh Goodhue and Jordan Olsen 2 each

    Tom Robinson 6
    Kara Pryor 3
    Sam Nock 3
    Wiseguy Faiane 3
    Josh Goodhue 2
    Jordan Olsen 2

  • tough pick this week, with a mixed bag of a number of players looking excellent in patches and not in others.

    Thought Kara was excellent in the opening half and a bit quieter in the 2nd but still got through alot of work
    Tom Robinson is a machine, just keeps going and going, that collision with Sowakula was hard.
    Jone did his job as an impact player, making an impact (a positive one too)

    Good to see Nock's form up there week in week out, best game of the year for Gregory, even if luck played a part, a ceiling game for Hawkins, directed play well and kicks his goals, and as always fearless in defence.
    Goodhue continues to throw himself about, but you always know is it a matter of time before he hurts himself.
    Olsen was excellent around the park, but his throwing was shite!
    Like the look of Tuiloma, made a real impact when he came on!

  • Stephen Yaxley-Lennon for me.

    Class above.

  • @taniwharugby went for loose forwards this week but Nock and Jone for his impact were next in line.

  • @kev yeah Matich has such a huge engine, always gives it 100% and very consistent, while he made a decent fist of his minutes in Super rugby, always thought he was a touch too small to really make it up a level, particularly at 8 anyway

  • @taniwharugby yeah, but such a great team player for us. Made the comment in post match that he wanted to start. Really saw that in his performance.

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