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  • I'm utterly convinced that the maximal heart rate calculators are wrong. Example: mountain biking New Years eve; avg 97% for 58 mins and max of 103%
    Same route last weekend; avg 98% for 55 mins and max 104% - but 0.8km/h faster 🙂

    You are right the Max HR calc is not accurate. What I have been advised if you are regularly exceeding your calculated Max HR, then adjust your Max HR so your highest rate achieved becomes your 100% mark. For the system I use, the Myzone HR monitor automatically makes the adjustment. For me I am only reaching 97%, so it is reasonably accurate.

  • That seems a sensible idea.

  • The HB thing: I regularly used to hit 220-230+ when doing hard hill repeats-and could keep it going for 30-60 minutes. I'm early 40s. 150 steps, the HB is the highest on the last 30 steps, then turn and run down, each repeat 1:40-2 minutes total. HB would be down on 100-120 in a minute or two of rest.
    So, the formula of 220 minus age is not applicable for me.

  • One month in and my fitness has improved remarkably.
    Had a weigh in to day and have put on 3.1kg's Ha ha!!
    Trainer was gobsmacked as he has been so impressed with my progress. True-love was surprised too as she has noticed that I had lost weight around the face and tumm not so big.
    I must have had next to no muscle ...... 🙂
    The last thing each session is on the rower when I am knackered and can now do two 1 minute sprints keeping it Under 1:50 the whole way.  Nearly got to 300 metres in a minute but not quite.
    Absolutely takes anything I have left, out of me.
    Loving it.
    Doing measurements on Monday as Trainer was too confused 🙂

  • Top stuff mate!

  • Really noticed the difference in Golf, JK.
    Saw your comment on dotgolf and that is easily my best round at Whangamata. No coincidence it is timed with my training

  • I was actually gonna comment that on my previous post but was in a rush for a meeting.
    I reckon it makes a huge difference with the golf eh.

  • Massive.
    We have a back tee on a par 5 measuring 560m and I was just out the back of the green for 2 on Saturday. I have never made the green off the normal and closer tee before, so it has made a huge difference

  • Had a wee set back last week witha gall bladder infection that also inflamed the liver so I was energy less from Saturday through to Wednesday.
    BAck in full swing.
    Will weigh myself this friday as it will be two weeks with no booze and freasonable eating.  I lost 5kg while crook but that is artificial weight loss.
    I can row 1000m in 3:42 now. When I started I could barely do 500m in under 2mins.
    Can rock along 500m at around 1:45 and with a push can do 100m in my 500 under 1:40split so am definitely getting fitter.
    Heaps more birdies and birdie opportunities with golf too.

  • You're height is a big advantage for rowing, should be right up your alley. I have to rock along at 30 spm to maintain that sort of rate, a bit knackering!

  • Heaps more birdies and birdie opportunities with golf too.

    I hear ya mate! Wish I could convert but my putting is woeful at the mo. Made no birds from about 8 or 9 shots today and only got 2 from about the same last week!

  • My putting has been pretty good.  My drives however are becoming a bit erratic.

  • Just wrote massive post for it to disappear.
    still at starting weight, cm's off in right places and on in right places.
    Golf is good.
    F&*k this site, sometimes

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