Northland MOTM v HB

  • Pick your 3

    After Southland: Robinson 3, Nock 2, Matich & Gregory 1 each

    Tom Robinson 12
    Kara Pryor 5
    Sam Nock 5
    Wiseguy Faiane 3
    Josh Goodhue 2
    Jordan Olsen 2
    Matich 2
    Gregory 1

  • Nock - best game from him, even in 2nd half when was quieter on attack, was good on defence and over the ball.
    Goodhue - very strong with his carries, just kept going and going, on both sides of the ball
    Ranger - best game of the year, a glimpse that there is still life in the old dog yet!

  • @taniwharugby I actually thought there were many good performances. Nock and Ranger I picked as well. Added Big Red as my third because he was just Big Red. But could have added Goodhue and Wright as well. I though Ross owned his side of the scrum. With a few corrections this team will be truely fizzing. High hopes for the rest of the season.

  • @kev yea Tom was good as always, but I marked him harshly for being a second too slow off the side when Flanders made that big run.

    Yea I thought our front row held up well, Matich & Pryor both worked tirelessly, reckon Leilua is looking much more comfortable at this level too

  • Nock, Rene and Red for me.

    Goodhue not far behind.

    Liking Leliua this year, just finding it frustrating how we fail to get good clean ball across to him, Macilai and Hyland etc. Do that and we’ll start splitting teams open. A lot of this stems from 10 and 12 in my opinion. Changes need to happen here. Give Cooper a crack for starters.

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