Kirwan's 2015 CrossFit Open

  • As you can tell in the Dan Bailey thread, I'm getting amped up for the upcoming Crossfit Open. Just going to track the workouts, and my approach to them here and try to improve on my previous years results.
    Those were;
    Individual Men - Australia 1132 (6373) 2012
    Individual Men - Australia 2566 (14716) 2013
    Individual Men - Australia 2924 (17289) 2014
    Masters Men (40-44) - Australia 187 (1163) 2014
    Masters Men (40-44) - Wordwide 3035 (18212) 2014
    So the first number is my rank, and the second number in brackets is the points I accumulated in the workouts (basically how many people finished before me - lower is better).
    Not competing against 22 year old superhumans, I'm looking at the old fellas in the 40-44 Masters bracket 🙂

  • I'm looking at the old fellas

    So I assume those numbers from 2012-14 include everyone, and its a sign of the growth of the event?

  • Yep, the numbers are going up. Here are the Open numbers;
    2011: 26,000
    2012: 55,000
    2013: 138,000
    2014: 204,000
    And they expect 2015 to grow again. Apparently they have doubled their affiliates in 2014, so it will be interesting to see if it goes over 300,000. I struggle with the maths, but I guess that means my 2014 result was better than 2013?

  • If the number in brackets is people finishing ahead of you each year, then:
    2012 - top 12% (6373 / 55000 = 0.1159)
    2013 - top 11% (14716 / 138000 = 0.1066)
    2014 - top 8% (17289 / 204000 = 0.0848)

  • Can't use those totals, it's mixing regional with worldwide. No chance in hell of me being in the top 8%.
    I'll grab the right numbers now you've shown the calculation.

  • That doesn't work, because the second value is cumulative across the six workouts. What I've done instead is work it out per workout, and then get an average from those (still not super accurate because there is a drop off from week one as people quit, but this is accurate assuming the total number of registered athletes).
    Let me know if there is a maths fail;

    			16714 (93720)
    			Daimen Hutchison
    			28235 (80)
    			15680 (55)
    			15663 (233)
    			19647 (162)
    			14495 (73)

    2012 Avg 0.34

    			34536 (202767)
    			Daimen Hutchison
    			20916 (137)
    			53053 (180)
    			30214 (215)
    			52606 (6)
    			45978 (6)

    2013 Avg 0.29

    			40757 (239252)
    			Daimen Hutchison
    			48343 (229)
    			40965 (81)
    			69701 (96)
    			37023 (180)
    			43220 (19:53)

    2014 Avg 0.23
    So my worst result was .51 (7mins of burpees!) and my best was .15 (Thrusters and Chest to Bar pullups). At the very least that gives me something to aim for. I'm looking for the australia region competitor totals so I can do this within the region.

  • Yeah that looks OK. Its hard when the numbers shift around like that to get a final answer but weighting each week appropriately should give you a ballpark result.

  • Just realised I didn't complete 2013, due to pneumonia. So the last two, I only did 6 reps of each to record a score.
    So I was going great guns that year 🙂

  • Pneumonia? Soft!

  • Technically walking pneumonia, took about six months to get any sort of fitness back. Not sure I've ever got back to where I was actually. Getting older certainly isn't helping 🙂

  • Well, patience. I always refer to the 76 (77?) year old man up the hill here who does 210 bench press (7 sets of 30 reps of 55kg) daily. Arm and grip as hard as iron. Hard exercise daily. And he smokes.
    So, good luck this year, but keep on pushing regularly and aim to recover back to your best and beyond in time.
    What is the date of the competition?
    Anyway, point is, 187th in Australasia is excellent. Even better, looking into the future, you'll be getting fitter as you change into the next age bracket....

  • Saw this today......thought you could add it in your routine?? Huh?

  • If my lower half weighed five kgs like him, I'd have a chance 🙂 Pretty impressive.
    First Open workout gets released in 5 hours, will post the video here so you can be amused at what I'll be doing tomorrow morning.

    There you go. Toes to bar is a weakness for me. 50kg Deadlifts and Snatches are fine.
    Clean and Jerk will end up around 90/95kg for me after all that work. My PR is 100kg, but I've only ever done that once. 90 I can do whenever, 95 I could screw up the clean if I'm not fast under the bar.
    Going to murder the grip, so will need to mix grip the deadlifts, even at the low weight and hook grip the snatches.
    Bloody nervous now 🙂

  • Have fun at the gym 😉
    Seriously though. Good luck. Looks like a tough workout!

  • Have fun at the gym 😉
    Seriously though. Good luck. Looks like a tough workout!

    Toes to bar get tiring very, very fast. And once your grip goes the snatch will get hard too.
    Then you get to see how well you lift under fatigue 🙂

  • Toes to bar get tiring very, very fast. And once your grip goes the snatch will get hard too.
    Then you get to see how well you lift under fatigue 🙂

    Love a good hard snatch

  • So many snatch jokes in the past three years 🙂
    Crunched the numbers, my targets are 120 & 90. Let's see how reality likes my plans.

  • Getting good at picking my targets, got 124 + 92kg in the clean and jerk. A whisker away from 97kg too (3 off my best).
    Fun workout.

  • So, some leaderboarding....
    Last Year
    Masters Men (40-44) - Australia 187 (1163) 2014
    Masters Men (40-44) - Wordwide 3035 (18212) 2014
    This Year

    Masters Men (40-44) - Australia 221 (1137) 2015 (1 workout)
    Masters Men (40-44) - Wordwide 4296 (17278) 2015 (1 workout)
    Last year I came 23/42 out of the gym, after that workout I'm currently sitting 9th of 44.
    This year there is a scaled option, in case you are wondering why the numbers competing are lower. I've stayed at RX, as there are only a handful of movements I can't do now (Bar muscle up) but now people that can't do double unders, or toes to bar, so some other movement can do a scaled version of the workout and still compete with friends in their gym.
    My numbers are changing as more scores come in, but it's roughly around there. Also a bit of controversy as several people have had their scores invalidated. Basically, some people though it would be a good idea to sandbag the first part of the workout (with one toes to bar, for example), stand around for 9 minutes then for the lifting piece. They didn't ready the rules carefully enough, and not have to do it again 🙂 Lots of bitching about it, talk about missing the point.

  • Just saw your 15.1 photos pop up on Facebook and I see my cousin Kimberly is also doing the open with you guys. Small world

  • It certainly is, she's pretty impressive at the gym too. Coach calls her 'gunshow'
    So you won't see anymore photos of me, my Open is over 😞 sad trombone
    Have had a bit of a setback, and am in hospital. Not too serious, and will be out in a few more days. But no more competitive Crossfit, just training now.

  • No good mate. Gym related incident or something else?
    Hope recovery is going ok!

  • Just a medical issue, will be fixed later this week.

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