Northland Kauri

  • In a word - fantastic. Disappointed the points diff looks to have kept them out of the top 2. Starting the season with Waikato and Auckland without a lot of game time has hurt their chances. But beating CM and BOP today means they finish with 4 wins out of 6. Great job. We should be proud.

    NB: With the performances of both our representative teams this year, a lot pride has been restored in the Northland jersey this year.

  • This team is stacked full of talent, I reckon they’ll be a force to be reckoned with over the next few years.

    Bloody stoked for them to have done so well!

  • @Gunner saw Tyla Nathan-Wong last week standing outside the stadium, she is tiny!

    They have been good to watch too, play with a great spirit!

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