Tasman v Southland

  • Tasman players will wear special jerseys this weekend to celebrate 100 Years of Golden Bay-Motueka rugby: brown and white hoops.



  • @Stargazer How dare they, surely a breach of copyright with those black and white hooped jerseys. That better not be an omen that they will purchase the entire HBRFU assets lock stock and barrel.

  • 1 Joseph Walsh, 2 Sabastian Siataga, 3 Christopher Apoua, 4 Craig Smith, 5 Raymond Tatafu, 6 Charles Alaimalo, 7 Tony Lamborn, 8 Arese Poliko, 9 Liam Howley, 10 Gregory Dyer, 11 Kieran Lee, 12 Raymond Nu’u, 13 Isaac Te Tamaki, 14 Tevita Latu, 15 Rory van Vugt

    Reserves: Greg Pleasants-Tate, Niko Manaena, Viliami Tosi, Glenn Preston, Jacob Coghlan, Scott Eade, Jaye Thompson

  • Kieran Lee. Another of the HBHS players has ended up down south. Last I heard he was playing for Thames Valley, but with no Heartland competition...

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  • IIRC Segner was on the bench in an earlier game but I don't remember him getting on the field. Has he made his debut for Tasman yet?

  • Josh Moorby has been ruled out for the remainder of the season with a broken thumb.

    The same article says that the no.8 Arese Poliko is only 19 and is making his debut.

  • Several interesting selections in that team.

    After watching our forwards get outmuscled by Harbour and Auckland, we clearly need some additional muscle from 4 to 8 - as well as needing more height in the lineout.

    My choice would have been to drop Renton, who just doesn't appear to bring enough physicality - and replace him with Fox-Matamua or Isaiah Miller.

    They've gone halfway with this, bringing in F-M and Renton's been shifted to 6, but Norris (who has been a valuable lineout target) has disappeared - injured, rested or dropped?

    Very interested to see how Segner goes!

    Ross should bring some lineout height - but, we also need him to bring physicality. If he can't, then we badly need Shalfoon or Hicks to get fit and bring some fire, because Ainley and Cirikadaveta are a pretty short locking combo and, frankly, aren't going to do it in the big games. I'm also vaguely hopeful that Quinten Strange might come back for the end of season.

    Good to see Isaac Salmon is fit again. Isi Tuúngafasi getting a rest on the bench. And probably a good change - Sam Moli coming in for Quentin MacDonald. Last year Sam had plenty of problems with his lineout throwing, but he provided lots of enthusiasm and muscle in the rest of his game. Mainly the opposite to what QM has provided this year IMO.

  • Man those Tasman jerseys are nice.

  • Tasman have had all the possession and territory, but are only up 7 - 3 at halftime.

  • lucky they didnt score off that, massive forward pass

  • Don't forward passes count?

  • @ARHS which one?

    Saw 3 in the past couple of minutes where the pass back inside has been forward

  • Ones that get let go and create tries

  • @ARHS yeah I was more pointing there had been several starting with the pass that lead to that big run

  • Kinda wanna buy one of those Tasman jerseys even thought I'm in no way, shape or form a Tasman fan. They just look super nice.

  • Some hungus guys in this game.

  • Not convinced by tmo call there. Oh well not cut and dried

  • Faingaanuku looking very good

  • @ARHS if not a big hungus

  • Someone once said something about a game of two halves (and then they said it again..).

    This was that.

    First half, Tasman seemed a mix of casual, butter-fingered, overly-anxious hunguses determined to keep Southland in the game.

    Second half they came out much more focused, accurate and playing for each-other and eventually broke the Southland shackles.

    Not sure whether playing with the wind was responsible for some pretty dire catching and passing. Tbh Southland played the first half like there was a heavy mid-afternoon dew , as well.

    Anyway, ended up pretty comfortable.

    Much better from just about everyone compared to last week's debacle - at least in the 2nd half. David Havili back to being a talisman. Fox-Matamua went well at 8. Ross improved the lineout. Renton probably had his best game of the season.

    Once we stopped dropping the ball Big Leicester and Fetu Paea started to look good. Fonotia was decent and Mark Talea had his moments.

    Nice cameo from Segner with one blockbusting run and a little catch and pass to set up a try. Worth another run next week, IMO.

    Biggest problem was Isaac Salmon at tighthead - we went from having a dominant scrum with Matenga, to getting beaten up. That suggest that Matenga might be worth a look from a Super team.

    Pleasing effort in the loose from Sam Moli. I'm not sure whether he threw to the linout, but I'd stick with him for next week as well.

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