Northland MOTM v Otago

  • 3 votes

  • After HB:
    Nock 3, Ranger 2, Goodhue and Robinson 1 each

    Tom Robinson 13
    Sam Nock 8
    Kara Pryor 5
    Wiseguy Faiane 3
    Josh Goodhue 3
    Jordan Olsen 2
    Matich 2
    Ranger 2
    Gregory 1

  • Usuals (Red, Kara) plus Kalani Going for me. Going looks solid and dependable. Nothing flash but has good hands and solid defence. Lock him in the 12 shirt I say.

    Like to see a change around this week. Gregory needs to come into 13 in place of Ranger. If Hyland is fit, get him in there. Brady Rush looks interesting, give him a nudge at FB maybe?

    Johnny Cooper needs a start at 10. Hawkins still plays way too much behind the advantage line and stymies our attack.

    Have guys like Ranger and Hawkins on the bench, you may see a change in attitude when they come on.

    The pack is going good, wouldn’t change anything up there..

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