Auckland MOTM v Harbour

  • 3 votes

  • Current voting after 6 rounds

    8 Choat
    8 Rayasi
    5 AJ Lam
    5 Plummer
    4 R Ioane
    3 Whetton
    3 Tu'ungafasi
    2 Adams
    1 Funaki
    1 Ruru

  • In true Fern fashion I haven't seen the whole game, just up to the YC for Renata. Then score checked in frustration.

    So, Ruru played really well. All over the place, particularly in ghte first 40

    AIoane spoke for himself tonight. Quality.

    Choat is everywhere, what a player. Some really good touches aroudn the paddock.

  • Akira easily
    Choat is so consistent
    Lam gets the last vote with some classy touches

    Would've gone with Sullivan but that tough YC and the kick dead were important moments

  • ... and still gutted fro Plummer. I really want him to do well, and he seems an absolute unit, but unfortunately is poo fingering a whole lot of things at the moment. It's Not Great.

  • @nzzp

    He's had some good games (equal 3rd on the voting). However he really should be considered a 12 now

    The problem is Hickey is worse and it's probably too early to trust Sullivan

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