NPC - Championship remaining matches

  • Team Points Game 9 Game 10
    Otago 29 Southland (A) Tasman (H)
    Hawkes Bay 26 Wellington (H) Taranaki (A)
    Northland 18 Auckland (A) Waikato (H)
    Taranaki 17 Manawatu (A) Hawkes Bay (H)
    Southland 11 Otago (H) Counties (A)
    Counties 10 Harbour (A) Southland (H)
    Manwatu 9 Taranaki (H) Wellington (A)

  • @Duluth Southland's chances of making the top 4 took a big hit yesterday, they now need to won both thier remaining matches to pass Northland, who could scrape in with no more points if Southland cannot win both matches.

    HB and Otago fighting for top spot, with both having tricky matches to finish.

    When I look at the table and the remaining matches, can see the top 4 looking like this:
    Otago 34
    HB 34
    Taranaki 22
    Northland 18

    Havent really made up my mind about the top 2 yet haha

  • Thank you BoP, its in our own hands now, a home semi and maybe final might be what we need to finally get out of the Championship, Hope we can hold on for the next couple of games

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  • @Tim so TAB has welly taking the Shield...

    $12 for us...even thats a bit short 😞

  • @taniwharugby Can definitely see myself tipping against the TAB for the shield game.

  • @Tim yeah I'd be thinking they would be more like HB $1.81 and Welly $1.91 or something.

  • That win pushes SOuthland up into contention for the top 4 now, they had to win both for a shot at the top 4, half way, picking up the BP was a huge surprise though, given how little they have scored this year

    Probably better that they do that and if they beat COunties next week, they will have earnt it (assuming we havent managed to win 1 of our last 2 or pick up 3 or 4 BPs... 😂 ) whereas if they dont win, and nor do we, we stumble into the top 4 without a point since defending for 30 mins v Southland (something I mentioned was entirely possible back then)

  • Just realised it's a round of local derbies this weekend, that's pretty cool

  • Team Points Game 10
    Hawkes Bay 31 Taranaki (A)
    Otago 29 Tasman (H)
    Taranaki 22 Hawkes Bay (H)
    Northland 19 Waikato (H)
    Southland 16 Counties (A)
    Counties 10 Southland (H)
    Manwatu 9 Wellington (A)

  • @Duluth

    Crucial matches:

    Otago v Tasman (crucial for both teams coming off a big loss)
    Taranaki v HB

    Those 2 to determine the top spot, but you'd think HB will be in the drivers seat and very short faves to take the top spot.

    Northland v Waikato - northland win and they make the top 4, maybe 3rd depending on the 'naki/HB game, but can still make it if they lose depending on the result of the Counties/Southland game (that if we lose I hope we dont make it)

    Counties v Southland - again, Southland must win to have a chance.

    As a Northland fan, if we win, I would prefer playing Otago than HB in a semi...they look beatable, and while I think we blew many chances in our shield challenge, HB do look a class above the rest in the Championship


    Championship: Hawke’s Bay 31 points, Otago 29, Taranaki 22, Northland 19, Southland 16, Counties Manukau 10, Manawatū 9
    1st, Hawke's Bay: Won 6, lost 3, points difference +54, points 31, play Taranaki (A), highest possible points total: 36
    The Ranfurly Shield holders need a result against Taranaki in Inglewood to lock up top spot. A win would do the job, although first could be confirmed beforehand if Otago fail to beat Tasman.
    Hawke’s Bay have beaten everyone in the championship but Southland, including Otago in second in their successful Shield raid in round four, and they would edge Otago if they were tied on points.
    2nd, Otago: Won 6, lost 3, points difference +3, points 29, play Tasman (H), highest possible points total: 34
    Otago need to beat Tasman and hope Hawke’s Bay slip up in Taranaki. Anything other than a win and Otago will finish second
    3rd, Taranaki: Won 4, lost 5, points difference -1, points 22, play Hawke’s Bay (H) highest possible points total: 27
    Taranaki are guaranteed a semifinal place and should finish third after their 35-19 victory in Manawatū in round nine.
    Losing to Hawke’s Bay means they could slip to fourth if Northland beat Waikato. The Taniwha also beat Taranaki in round four.
    4th, Northland: Won 4, lost 5, points difference -52, points 19, play Waikato (H), highest possible point total: 24
    Northland will know after Southland face Counties if they need competition points at home against Waikato to secure fourth and the last semifinal spot.
    If Southland win, reaching 20 or 21 points, the Taniwha might only need a bonus point or two to finish above the Stags after beating them in round five.
    However, if Northland defeat Waikato, they’re guaranteed to play in the semifinals and could finish third if Taranaki stumble against Hawke’s Bay.
    5th, Southland: Won 3, lost 6, points difference -41, points 16, play Counties Manukau (A), highest possible points total: 21
    Southland must win their first away match since 2015 if the Stags want to contest the semifinals.
    However, a victory against Counties might not be enough if Northland beat Waikato or end up with as many competition points via bonus points.
    Southland need to beat Counties and hope Waikato do them a favour.
    6th, Counties Manukau: Won 2, lost 7, points difference -131, points 10, play Southland (H), highest possible points total: 15
    The best Counties can hope for is to avoid finishing bottom of the pile and a win over Southland would confirm that. Losing means they’re vulnerable to being leapfrogged by Manawatū.
    7th, Manawatū: Won 1, lost 8, points difference -153, points 9, play Wellington (A), highest possible points total: 14
    No team wants to finish last and Manawatū will know if that’s possible after Counties play Southland.
    Facing Wellington in the capital is a daunting prospect but with the pressure off and the Lions needing a result, the Turbos could spin into gear to cause an upset.

  • So the wash up...
    HB 35
    Otago 30
    Northland 24
    Taranaki 24

    Semi Final 1: HB v Taranaki
    Semi Final 2: Otago v Northland

    Table showing points diff for ranking, not placings due to RR results where Northland beat Taranaki

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