Auckland MOTM v Northland

  • 3 votes

  • Current voting after 8 rounds

    11 Rayasi
    10 Choat
    6 AJ Lam
    6 Plummer
    4 R Ioane
    3 S Tuipulotu
    3 A Ioane
    3 Whetton
    3 Tu'ungafasi
    2 Adams
    1 Funaki
    1 Ruru

  • Have to pick Ruru and Rayasi, hard to pick a standout from the backs, but Adams it is.

  • Sullivan deserves a mention for his kicking game.

  • Easy first two votes, gave one to Plummer for his crucial kicks.

  • I gave the game a 2nd look and came away thinking Ta'avao and Adams were our two best in this match. For some big boys, they cover so much ground.

    I didn't realize just how good Ta'avao was on first watch. Not only was he one of our busiest players, but along with Adams, he was also our most physical player. He had some nice skillful touches too.

    What made his performance even more impressive was that this was his first match since September and he played the whole 84 minutes. Just a massive effort.

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