Best T20 XI - POLL - Allrounders & Bowlers

  • Unsurprisingly there are not too many nominations for this team, so it'll be split into 2x polls.

    It's entirely up to the individual on the final make up of their team - ie if you're really mad enough you could fill your team with a keeper and 10 all rounders/bowlers.
    The only rules are you must have a minimum of 5 allrounders or bowlers, and you must pick at least one keeper (in the other poll).

    I'm guessing there will be an obvious 8 or 9 certainties emerge, with a handful of fringe players to make up the final spots, so here is how I plan on finalising the XI:

    1x keeper
    3x specialist batsmen (one of which can be a keeper if they poll high enough)
    5x allrounder/bowlers

    This leaves 2 places open for the 'next bests', from either poll. It also allows me to adjust the team for balance - eg we're not going to play 4 spinners for instance.

  • There is some horrific names up there. You need to stop drinking and then creating these polls

  • @MN5 just giving the masses what they’ve requested

  • @Gunner said in Best T20 XI - POLL - Allrounders & Bowlers:

    @MN5 just giving the masses what they’ve requested

    Obviously Mrs Butler and Mrs Franklin are ferners.

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