ANNOUNCEMENT and Results Week 4

  • Congratulations team. When Fatbusters started, it began as a four week challenge. The challenge was accepted by a very decent number of brave (if slightly pudgy) youngish men. We have busted the fuck out of a lot of fat in the past four weeks.

    You have all done very well. MvJ extends you all a virtual hug. Give yourselves a pat on the back and take the evening off. Hell, if you've got one, spend it with the wife.

    What is apparent, however, is that Fatbusting will take longer than four weeks. We have only just begun. And with progress going so well so far, we would be mad to stop. Although MvJ is mad, he is not that mad. Accordingly it will be business as usual tomorrow.

    Our next longterm goal is the next four week period. In the meantime MvJ expects that daily updates from everyone, and weekly weigh ins. Watch the forum closely for details of some new ideas we have for the Fatbusting Forum as it continues to evolve. We have the Easter challenge to hurdle next, and that is going to require a decent collective effort. MvJ is here for you my little fat friends.

    And in the meantime, let's have your results to date below please. I started at 81.8kg, and am 78.9kg tonight, a total of 2.9kg BUSTED in four weeks. I'm completely stoked with it, considering I was worried about making the 2kg mark earlier this week. So have a night off if you want to team (MvJ is going to have a drink at home for once), and then let's get back to business.

    Finally, for those of you who thought you missed the boat the first time around or have dropped the ball during the first four week period, here is your opportunity to get involved from today for the next four weeks. It would be great to see some "long time listener, first time caller" logs appearing in the Fatbusters Forum. Remember, with a little bit of effort you too can look like your fucking insane Uncle Miller.

    That is all.

  • NTA's results for the 4 weeks: Dropped from 118kg to 115kg (3kg BUSTED)

    Chest was 120cm and remains steady
    Gut was 117cm and is now down 115cm (2cm loss)
    Butt was 125cm and is now down to 123cm (2cm loss)

    Had today off already with a couple of home brew half pints, a Woodstock and Cola, and too much BBQ food for my own good (though was not fatty). Back into it tomorrow.

  • 2kg Busted from 85kg to 83kg - have hit a wall dammit.

  • [quote name='Kirwan']
    2kg Busted from 85kg to 83kg - have hit a wall dammit.

    Go back to your pre-fatbusting routine for a couple of days, but just be conscious of what you eat. Then when you've had a couple of days to relax, rip back into it!

  • just the same as when started pretty much, but belt now on last notch, or first, so body shape continues to change, which can only be good.  Still, wouldn like to hit 99kg for the first time since I was about 14, so will keep at it.

    Will ahve to keep a closer watch on eating - weekend just gone was not good!!

  • Starting weight 167 kg
    after 4 weeks  weight 161.2 kg

  • [quote name='fatbaldbloke']
    Starting weight 167 kg
    after 4 weeks  weight 161.2 kg

    Outstanding work, mate! Congrats.

    I'm just lurking, seeing as I'm lean and mean enough, but it's great to see the progress in here!

  • Started my fitness/fat busting program around 2 weeks before "Fat Busters", so that is my start point.

    Starting weight: 101 kg,
    Goal weight for end of March: 95kg.
    6 week weight: 95.5 kgs

    0.5 kg to go!  I'm looking to good to reach my goal in the allotted time.

  • You will then have your target revised down, to ensure your valuable contributions continue  :happy:

  • Oh yeah, for sure Cap' ! I'll revise it mself though, thanks very much. I can't have you dodgy bastards placing unfair expectations on me, can I?

  • Would like to pass on my thanks to MVJ for the fatbusters forum. I don't use it that effectively for my personal fitness log, but I really appreciate the advice on it, and I do enjoy posting on how I am going. Also, I find many of the efforts on here quite inspirational.

    My personal fatbusters started in February last year, and have lost about 10kgs of body fat since then.
    For where I am at now,  I'm finding it tough to effectively measure results. At only 78kgs weight loss is probably not a good guage. at 14% body fat I probably only want to lose another 2kgs (I guess?) - but this last 2 kg's is proving really bloody tough. I would like to keep gaining lean muscle mass, so technically gaining some weight might even be good.
    My new goal is to try and get some definition and feel like I am improving. I have another assessment in 6 weeks, and this will be my next chance to see how I have gone. In the meantime, still lots of work to do.

  • [quote name='Milk']
    Would like to pass on my thanks to MVJ for the fatbusters forum.

    Thanks Milk, much appreciated. Race you to 76kgs  :happy:

  • Oh it's on!

  • Weigh in this morning and still 130kgs.  Very happy with this result, sothats 6kgs lost in 4 weeks.

    Back on the stright and narrow now and lookig for more weight loss this week.

  • [quote name='mark_s']
    Back on the stright and narrow [/quote]

    Well straight anyway  😁

  • Willie weighted in last night week 4 of the 12 week challenge 6.2kg lighter and down to 93.5Kg

  • Like RedBull my fatbusting started a couple of weeks before the offiical TSF one, so the stats are:

    Start weight : 89 kgs
    Latest weight : 86 kgs
    Target weight: 83 kgs

    Height: 5'8'' (that ain't gonna change)

    Need to get right back into the saddle as a week in Hong Kong followed by a weekend at Singapore Sevens meant lager consumption was way up; eating of healthy (or any) food for that matter was way down and exercise was dominated by repetiive elbow bending but little calorie burning. Here I farking well come, fatbusting............. :whistle:

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