Club Rugby 2016

  • First round of the Southern districts comp starts this weekend
    Match ups are -
    Hikurangi v Kamo
    OBM v Waipu
    Otamatea v Mid Western
    Wellsford v Mid Northern
    Sharks v HoraHora
    My team HoraHora have had a pretty slow preseason, played Waipu (won) and Glenfield (lost). Havent had big numbers to trainings but will have enough for 2 teams this Saturday.
    The prem team looks to be in another year of rebuilding and throwing some of the young guys who played reserves last year in the deep end of prem rugby. We're in desperate need of a first five, I think warren Dunn will be playing that position against the Sharks.But HH being HH will still play for the full 80.
    Can anyone enlighten me how the other teams placed this year?
    I've heard OBM and Hikurangi have had really good numbers to trainings (40+), ive also heard Peter Breen will play for Kamo, Taniella Manu will play for OBM, and Matich has gone back to the Sharks but has been called to Brisbane as cover for the blues.

  • Northland Club Rugby Results
    Old Boys Marist 48 vs Waipu 9
    Mid Northern 42 vs Wellsford 40
    Western Sharks 19 vs Hora Hora 19
    Otamatea 44 vs Mid Western 34
    Hikurangi 24 vs Kamo 5
    Mid Northern 31 vs Wellsford 22
    Waipu 11 vs Old Boys Marist 6
    Western Sharks 38 HoraHora 17
    Otamatea 48 vs Mid Western 10
    Kamo 11 vs Hikurangi 8

  • Can anyone enlighten me how the other teams placed this year?

    Mid Western have lost a few guys from last year, young guys moving away, old fullas retiring etc, so we have a lot of young guys stepping up to prems.
    Lost Jaycob Matiu to Auckland for work (Northland wouldn't sign him) :ireful:  :knuppel:
    Picked up a utility back who played for Wairarapa Bush straight out of school in 2011.
    Lacking a genuine first five.
    Strugling a bit for numbers too, the reserves finished their game on Saturday wth 13 on the field. One or two were knocked out, one lost a few teetth, one broke an ankle.... all that certainly doesn't help.
    Breen is playing for OBM (seems to be where most new signings go these days)

  • Suspect Wellsford,Mid Northern & Old Boys Marist are a lock in for top 4,from what i understand,Old Boys Marist have recruited strongly and are being coached by Greg Shipton & Ziggy Seymour,Mid Northern have picked up some players from the Bay comp,Wellsford have lost their midfielders from last year,but with the Wright brothers,Sean Sweetman,Connor Lawson & Matt Talease in their pack.and Paddy Joe Atkins returning in April from Australia,the 2015 champions will be hard to beat again this year.
    As for the rest,could be very even,Otamatea,a semi finalist from last year,have lost Dan Hawkins to the Melbourne Rebels,and Connor Woodman back to Harbour,but will rely on depth in the club,along with Shane Neville,although he is injured at the minute,out for 8 x weeks from what i understand,and the odd cameo from Matt Moulds when released by the Blues,from what i am led to believe,they have recruited promising St Kentigern College tighthead prop Sesimani Toupou,the have also recruited some lads from Canterbury,the most exciting,being a kid by the name of Solomona Uitime Parakai,ex Kelston Boys XV,who landed up in christchurch,has come through the Canterbury system,played also for Canterbury sevens,plays first five,i understand he has already caught the eye of David Holwell,whom i would imagine is a good judge of a first five.
    Parakai will hook up with Otamatea over the next 2 x weeks.
    Be interesting to get some feedback on some of the other clubs,and possible recruits who could feature for Taniwha selection,shame to hear about Jacob Matiu,but understandable,given the loose forward talent that will be available to the Taniwha in 2016.

  • Waipu have recruited well again this year, more players from Auckland. One of the players is a young hooker that played in the Auckland Prem comp. Waipu have lost Nick Murray and Sean McCully (overseas) but have the returned services of Aaron Russell. From all reports their are not many locals in the forward Pack this year. The Waipu Forwards were gun-shy against OBM on the weekend, they are expected to be a different team this weekend and they need to be as they have brought in alot of players over the last few years building to this jubilee year. Leon Clyde and Mahu Abraham are coaching the reserves this year and it wouldnt surprise me if they take the team to the finals as they will be able to pull some of the old heads back that dominated 2nd division. 
    I was talking to a young Prop called Jaden Matu who played for the waipu Prems when he was 17/18 years old under Dean Kenny, he has not been able to get much game time for Waipu over the last few years with the recruitment of out side props and this year has gone to play league for Takahiwai. Its a shame as this kid would of been 21 years old this year, playing his 4th year in the Prems and this would of been his time. too much of this is happening through out Northland at the moment.

  • Northland Cub Results
    Games were evening games played thursday 24th March 2016
    Old Boys Marist 25 Mid Northern 10
    (Kara Pryor turned out for 40 minutes,Old Boys Marist had several injuries,but obviously have depth to cover positions,have picked up a brumbies acamemy prop Phil Kite,younger brother of Sione,Troy Gilbert played at centre,Sione Kite at 2nd five,and Peter Breen at first five,solid combinations)
    Hikurangi 20 Waipu 18.
    (my spy who was at this game tells me,this game was nothing special  to right home about,a lot of errors,and no real structure from either side,Waipu have several fijians running around for them this year,they still have tighthead Graeme Dewes the fijian international,but have lost some key players which Jac Nath alerted to in his post.
    Western Sharks 19 Mid Western 16
    Solid effort from the Western Sharks,the strength of the Sharks is in and around their forward pack,former Auckland loosie Matt Matich has returned home,with the experienced Peter Bond and former North Harbour & Waikato tighthead prop Sam Biddles,its quite easy to work out where the strength of the Sharks team will be,another interesting newcomer will be Justin Friedrich who is a former Northland Suns basketballer)
    this was a good win for Western Sharks,as the previous week they had played,Hora Hora,after dominating for most of the game,were rather unlucky to end up with a draw.
    Waipu 24 Hikurangi 12
    Western Sharks 21 Mid Western 14
    Mid Northern 44 Old Boys Marist 3

  • Welcome to the forum JacNath. I had heard Waipu had been recruiting a few players but i thought they were all fijian outside backs, thats a shame a talented young local has been over looked. Send him to HoraHora we could do with a prop under the age of 30 🙂
    My apologies for the miss information on Breen, my sources are often shit. But looks like Shippys been calling in favours at the NRU, that OBM team looks chocked full of talent.

  • great stuff Steven
    games yet to be played -
    Kamo v Otamatea
    HoraHora v Wellsford

  • Thanks FarNthHayden good to be apart of a site where there is others who care about the game. I was at the Waipu v Hika game last night and the result was flattering to Hika. Hika lacked structure and Waipu were trying to stick to theirs but missed Ben Maccin at 1st 5 to stop the ball being thrown to wide to soon which kept Hikas in the game. I still think that Waipu will get it right if they can get their forwards into the game with basic rugby and give the backs quality ball, Lewis Ward needs to take control here and show why he has been looked at by the Blues for halfback. I am happy for Hika that they have started the season with 2 great results and the win last night showed what happens when you don't give up.

  • Northland Club Easter Friday Result.
    Kamo 29 Otamatea 19.
    Decided to jump in my car and drive up to Kaiwaka for this fixture,the traffic even heading North through highway 16 was very heavy,which led to the game kicking off 15 minutes late,Kamo however started like a jack in the box,leading 29-0 after 30 minutes,Mac Sykes at halfback directing field postion and directing play well.Unfrortunately for the home side missing several key players  looked very disorganised with several players playing out of position,this led to plenty of turnover ball,Jack Ram who stepped out for Kamo today was excellent,and looked a class above any player on the field for the entire 80 minutes.
    Rams efforts and obvious class ssemed to lift the rest of the Kamo pack,Ruben Wright especially at lineout time,disrupting much of Otamatea"s lineout feeds,Blake Haora the other lock also a standout,scrums were reasonably even.
    Things were'nt looking all that rosy for the homeside at 0-29 down,but the arrival of their new recruit first five from Canterbury who had also been caught up in traffic,sparked a change and calmness in the pivot role,Solomona Uitime Paraki is a former Kelston Boys high first five,who went to Southland,was in their wider training squad,and up to Christchurch where he represented Canterbury in sevens,only 23 years old,he looks to have so much time,has a very good boot,both out of the hand and goalkicking,and more importantly,seems to know how to direct a team around the paddock,makes his tackles and has very good pace,for a kid that flew up from christchurch,and then a horrendous drive from Auckland airport in Easter traffic,i thought he looked very tidy.
    Otamatea did score 2 tries before halftime to be down 12-29,but could only muster one second half try scored in the last minute,credit to both sides for thei defence in the second half,but especially Kamo who scrambled very well when required.
    but for a dropped last  pass by the Otamatea winger in the early stages of the 2nd half sparked by a brilliant chip kick and gather Paraki,the game could have taken another course,but credi to Kamo,coming through in the end to win their first game since the 2014 season.
    For Otamatea,John Whitehead looked very classy,talking to John,he wants to give it real shot this year,started at first five in Paraki's absence,but to my thinking looks better suited to fullback.,a solid enough effort from the Otamatea forwards,but they do miss Shane Neville,especially at lineout time.
    fortunately for the home team,they do have several players to come back,Neville,Hyland,Moulds when not required for the blues,the also have recruited at tighthead prop,ex St Kentigern college Sesimani Toupou,
    For Kamo,the 2 locks,Blake Haora and  Ruben Wright,were great value,Sykes at halfback very good,and Jack Ram was all class,especially over the ball.
    in the reserve grade game,the home side took the win 23-18..?

  • Reuben Wright has been in the Dev/B side before hasnt he? 
    ONe of those players that always gives 100% but unsure if he has what it takes to make  that step up, plus he is probably a bit short for a genuine lock, more a loosie/lock option.

  • Horahora 12 - 40 Wellsford
    This game was missing a few front line players most notably Warren Dunn(easter), Jared Wendt (borneo 7s), Matt Wright(?), Tyler Landsdowne(injury), and Paddy(the wellsford prop whos last name escapes me).
    Both teams looked to have about 4 players each backing up from the reserves game to play 2 full 80 games.
    Wellsford played a foward dominated game which HoraHora really just ran out of steam and couldnt defend, they were lead around by Ross Wright and Matt Talese. A couple of the yellow cards were dished out to Horahora for constant infringing at the ruck. The game was called off in the 70th minute when one of the wellsford fowards went down with a neck injury and for his safety, couldnt be moved from the field. hope he recovers all right.
    Jojo Ranger ran well at 1st five & Matt Talese younger brother could be one to keep an eye on, he plays half back and reminds me of Taniela Moa type player, hes built like a brick shit house.
    Once Wellsford get all there players on board they'll be bloody hard to beat
    Horahora 23 - 28 Wellsford
    this game will be a lost opportunity for the HH reserves who will be looking to make the semis again. in the 75th minute HH hot on attack and 25m from the try line gets awarded a penalty, 2nd 5 steps up to kick to touch, takes his mouth guard out to bark instructions to the troops. the ref sees him with his mouth guard in hand. blows the whistle reverses the penalty and yellow cards him not wearing a mouth guard. what the fuck

  • Reuben Wright has been in the Dev/B side before hasnt he? 
    ONe of those players that always gives 100% but unsure if he has what it takes to make  that step up, plus he is probably a bit short for a genuine lock, more a loosie/lock option.

    He'd have to be one of the most well rested premier rugby players in northland, he spends more time suspended that playing

  • the ref sees him with his mouth guard in hand. blows the whistle reverses the penalty and yellow cards him not wearing a mouth guard. what the fuckUnfortunately this sort of random call right out of left field happens far too often in reserve grade. I could write a whole new rule book, full entirely of rules that refs have dreamed up mid game.
    I think some of the refs struggle to keep up with the constant law changes & interpretations more than the players.
    Not trying to bag the refs, I know they struggle for numbers and we wouldn't have a game without them, but you've gotta wonder what they're on sometimes.
    Can't report on the MW v Sharks game as I didn't make it. MW won't be happy though, losing their second close game on the trot. Should be a good battle with HH this week Hayden.

  • Round 3 fixtures
    Hikurangi v Mid Northern
    Mid Western v HoraHora
    OBM v Wellsford
    Otamatea v Waipu
    Western Sharks v Kamo

  • Seems like NRU have gone backwards again with their social media stuff. Still no results up on their FB page. I'm sure last year the results were usually posted Saturday afternoon/evening....
    Anywho, MW had a couple of wins over HH. Couldn't make it again for the 3rd week running, but my sources tell me the scores were:
    24-5 Reserves
    32-22 Premiers

  • been a bit absent (queenstown stag do) this week sorry guys
    round 3 results
    Hikurangi 17 v 38 Mid Northern
    Mid Western 32  v 22 HoraHora
    OBM 43 v 7 Wellsford
    Otamatea 40 v 26 Waipu
    Western Sharks 23 v 14 Kamo

  • Round 4 fixtures
    HoraHora v OBM
    Kamo v Mid Western
    Mid Northern v Otamatea
    Waipu v Western Sharks
    Wellsford v Hikurangi

  • Results 9 April
    Whangarei Premier:
    HoraHora. 24. Old Boys Marist 22
    Kamo. 22 Mid Western. 22
    Mid Northern 65 Otamatea. 20
    Waipu. 43 Western Sharks 17
    Hikurangi default to Wellsford
    due to bereavement
    Old Boys Marist 57. HoraHora. 7
    Kamo. 41 Mid Western. 5
    Mid Northern 29 Otamatea. 12
    Waipu. 15. Western Sharks 12
    Hikurangi default to Wellsford
    due to bereavement
    Division One:
    Mangakahia. 32 Pipiwai. 26
    Southern 38 Kaihu. 32
    Whangaruru. 31 Ruawai. 10

  • Some interesting results,especially the Old Boys Marist v Hora Hora result,I suspect,neither Peter Breen,who started at first five for the Blues development squad on Friday night or Kara Pryor did not start,in fact 10'x players in total were not available,still you would not want to take anything away from Hora Hora,the hung tough and scored a try with the final play of the game,hopefully we can get some sort of report from someone who was there.
    Apparently Otamatea,only had 11 players rock for the start of their game against Mid Northern,17 only for the reserves,and of course,the final score shows the disparity when your preparation is poor,there was a serious injury on the main ground,and the main game was moved to the number 2 ground,which apparently wasn't even marked,go figure..!
    I would like to think,because this is the first round,and it's early in the season,there is an initially a struggle at times for clubs to get commitment,but once again it also highlights,why need a strong local club comp,or Northland coaches will continue to look outside the region,especially if the locals can't commit..!

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