Fat Busting: G-Man

  • Morning all

    Well I have started the gym this morning! Yay  :happy:.

    My current weight is 133.8 kg, height is 1,93m. My target weight is 90 kg. ETA is about 6 months.

    Well my current aim is to loose the fat first. So my routine for the next month is jogging, cycling and rowing, with some situps and pushups at the end of the work out session.

    Today started on a 5 km jog and I am feeling quit well, did a 10 min cycling and 20 min rowing. I know tomorrow I am going to suffer but I know it will be for the best in the long run. With diabetics and heart problems in the family it's time to look after myself.

    For brekkie I had oats, an apple and a peach with a cup of rooibos (redbush) tea. Luckliy I'm not concerned with sugar since I grew up with both the parents being diabetics.

    Well that's all for now I shall try to type tomorrow morning, if my arms will alow it  .

  • Welcome aboard G-Man. A couple of comments:

    At 6'5" you'll be mighty skinny at 90kg Being underweight is also not healthy for you, and if you turn sideways you'll disappear

    Note also that healthy weight loss is about 1kg a week too so you might want to tweak your goals a bit...

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie'] if you turn sideways you'll disappear [/quote]

    :2funny: this is exactly what I say to my painfully thin brother. He just tells me to fuck off.

    Oh, and welcome G-Man. You'll get lots of encouragement and motivation here. Or in Captain Millers case, some thinly-veiled abuse if you show slackness. :shifty:

  • [quote name='Nick the Aussie']
    Welcome aboard G-Man. A couple of comments:

    At 6'5" you'll be mighty skinny at 90kg Being underweight is also not healthy for you, and if you turn sideways you'll disappear

    Note also that healthy weight loss is about 1kg a week too so you might want to tweak your goals a bit...

    Thank you,

    well like I said before I did weigh in at 90kg in 1999/2000 and I didn't look to bad at all and I wasn't underweight either. According to all the stats and programs I am suppose to weigh in at 83 kg. Not a chance in hell. I will keep it at 90kg with the cholestrol down as well.

  • Fuck the stats and programs - you're a veldt boy!

    I guess I could never see myself back at 90kg because I'm quite chunky at 6' and currently 113kg - very broad build compared to a mate of mine who is an inch taller but 75kg....

  • yeah, those height weight things are full of shit man!  I should be something like 7 foot 6 for my weight....

  • To lose 40 kg's in 6 mths you'll be putting on so much muscle mass that it won't work.  You'll be adding weight. Bart's tape mesure is the trick. I'm paying less attention to the scales and more to the notches I'm coming in on my belt.

    Good luck though. Tough target means you'll be even more chuffed  as you go.

    One thing I've done in the past (although not this time) is graph my weight loss.  Spounds stupid, but good way to self motivate as you can dr the scale to make it seem as if you're making good progress.

  • I agree, I started to get a bit demotivated when the weight wasn't coming down until I noticed I had alsmot come in two belt notches. Got the tape measure out and am going on that now.

  • Morning

    I agree what you guys are saying, will take the tape out asap. I have noticed that since I'm eating correctly I've allready went a notch down on the belt. I will keep an eye on the scale as well. For some reason when I do practice my weight does go down constantly and never stays on one spot.

    Anyways did a 6km run today and 5min on the rowing and feeling great today. A little sore from the rowing, but not as bad as I thought.

    Lunch yesterday was a mixed tuna salad and dinner was 2 buns with Italian cold meats.

    This mornings brekkie was oats and an apple and banana.

    Slowly starting to feel great again.

  • Morning from Jelly, a.k.a G-ManÂ

    Did a 5km run this morning plus 10 min rowing, with some crunches, situps and pushups. Today I can really feel the effect on my body, sore but not painful. Yet I allready feel my belt is becoming loose and clothes are getting looser.

    Brekkie this morning was oats, an apple and pear. Will see what's for lunch today.

  • Well done G Man, keep it going.Â

  • I can now really feel the rowing taking effect on my shoulders and neck, pain is starting, but like the old saying goes, no pain no gain. I am really looking forward to the day I can put on my old Levi's again. 😁

  • from PdP and the French Foreign Legion.  Pain is just weakness leaving your body...  I like it.

  • I prefer to think of it as "Pain is just pain entering the body"

  • [quote name='BartMan']
    from PdP and the French Foreign Legion.  Pain is just weakness leaving your body...  I like it.

    It better just leave quickly!

  • Morning

    Well the pain has subside alot and I feel much better today. Did a 6km jog, 20 min bike and 5 min rowing. Brekkie was Kellog's Hi-Fibre bran with banana sliced in it, very nice.

    I have put a fillet in the slow cooker stuffed with garlic, rosemary and nutmeg and dosed with a good helping of olive oil, with some sweet corn and peas. Fillet has no fat on it, and the sweet corn I add a teaspoon off frutose, a very good substitute for sugar. Should be very nice.

  • Morning

    Well another 6km jog and I felt great afterwards, also did my first 1km rowing  👏, and then the usual situps and pushups. After my shower putting on my pants I noticed that the pants are getting bigger. Got some space between the gut and pants, nice.

    Fridays the gym offers brekkie, so had a bowl of muesli with low fat strawberry yougurt and a croissant.

    Have a nice weekend and enjoy the rugga. Speak Monday again.

  • You too G-Man. Looks like its already starting to pay off

  • Morning all

    Well had a restfull weekend, played some PS2 the whole weekend. Watched the Cats vs. Reds game, 20 min left I decided fuck it the boys aren't going to make it, so played PS2 further. I played "God of War" and everytime I imagine myself seeing Frans Ludericous as the enemy  :evil:.

    Anyways weighed in this morning at 131,1kg. So that is 2.7kg down in the first week  👏. Mostly water I would think.

    Well did 6km run, sprinted the last 30 sec., impressed with myself that I could that on the end and did normal situps and pushups as well.

    Lets see if my body goes into shock this week and stay on the same weight.

  • Morning

    Nothing much to report on that I did the usual 6 km jog and 5 min (1km) rowing and situps and pushups. Will see what is for brekkie this morning.

  • Morning

    Well had my usual, 6km jog and 1km rowing in 5 min, rowing is starting to get better. By next week I will aim for 1.5km in 5min. Will see what is for brekkie again this morning. But all in all it's going well. I can't wait each morning to get the gym.

  • Shit hot G-man.  I wish I had your enthusiasm.  Will be playing touch tonight for a run around though

  • I'm starting to get in the routine and I'm enjoying it everyday. I can see the results as my trousers widen up each day more and more.

    And also looking at the nice hot mama's doing aerobic's! 😁

  • Morning

    Same report, 6km jog and 1km rowing in 5 min with situps and pushups. I dunno if you guys have a long weekend as well, but I won't be in the office from Friday 'till Monday. I will be back on Tuesday and will give a report on this fatty progress.

    Have a nice Easter and I shall speak again on Tuesday.

  • Morning all

    Hope you all had a wondeful Easter weekend, I surely did. Anyways really punished myself this morning with a hill jog on the treadmill, with a 6km jog and gaining 51 metres. Also a 5min rowing going full strength. After this weekend 's eating and drinking I did gain a 1kg, but it was the old mans birthday on Saturday and enjoyed it very much with a braai (BBQ) and some beers and wine.

    Well have to work hard this week to get back on schedule, but I always enjoy a challenge.

  • Morning

    Well another hill run this morning, 6km and gaining 53 metres. Nothing much to report on further just going strongly and have gone a notch down on the belt as well.

  • Morning

    Well same schedule for today and yesterday, 6km hill jog, 5 min rowing doing 1km and 10 min bicycle. I'm feeling so much better since I starting gymming. Tries to fit some of my old colthes last night, they around the legs prefectly, but still got a few to go before it fits around the gut again. Almost there!

  • well done GMan, the old clothes thing is a great indicator!  And getting into a gym routine helps no end too!

  • Morning

    Had another great morning at the gym, and yesterday. Did a 6km hill jog and 1.2km rowing in 5 min. Almost at 1.5km. Feel absolutly great.

    Will weigh in on Friday morning to see what the loss is for the month.

  • Morning

    With a public holiday on Thursday I did take it a bit easy. Just a relaxing 4km jog in the neighbourhood. Today back at the gym and did my usual 6km hill jog, 5min 1,2km rowing and then 10 min on the bike.

    Today was also weigh in day and I was a little bit nervous, but in the end it was the worth. Weighed in at 128,5kg. That is a total of 5,3kg lost for the month of April  👏.

    I really feel good and I can't wait to reach my target. The missus will have to keep her promise and reward me with a nice private little show for me tonight  :happy:.

    Monday is another public holiday in SA, so I will just go with another 4km jog. Will speak again on Tuesday.

  • Well had another 6km hill jog. I've tighten up the resistance on the rowing so I could only managed 950m this monring in 5 min and 10 min on the bicycle. Further it's going good.

    No pain no gain

  • good work Gman.  no problems with knees / ankles etc with all this running?  I would be rooted by now doing that sort of milage.  My feet used to really root me when I was 118kg, but not so bad now at 102.Â

  • Well no not really, Bart. My left knee, which I torn my ligaments, is holding up very good actually. I love jogging and I'm starting like the rowing as well now.

    Yesterday I didn't go to the gym, since I had to take my car in for a service. Today though I did 7km hill jog, 5 min rowing, 950m and 10 bicycle.

    Tomorrow is weigh in day again so I shall see what the verdict is.

  • Well it's going good so far. Been doing my usual routine of 6km hill jog, 1km rowing in 5 min and 10 min cycling. I can see the fat rolls starting to get smaller.

    Almost in the Levi jeans again. Not long to go anymore.

  • you're a frickin machine G-man! 👏 Great work.

  • Thanks RB. Sometimes it feels like it's going nowhere, but then I just remind myself that I'm doing it for myself and there are heart problems in the family and diabetics.

    If I look at my two brothers I really must say I look the best  :happy:. My sister is in great shape though, need to go a long way to be fit as she is and she is 48 years old!

    I really need to get in shape as my mother passed away about two and hald years ago, after a heart bypass, due to the complications of heart failure and that she was also a diabetic.

    Also my dad is a diabetic and also had to go for a heart bypass, twice!

    So I have to watch out what I eat and just stay fit.

  • G-Man this is impressive commitment mate, keep it going, nothing better than starting to flinch at photos of yourself now vs then and feeling clothes hanging off you rather than too tight.  Keep the gym and the posting up.

  • Hi all

    Only managed 20 min on the treadmill. I absolutly feel like dog shit today. I think I might be getting a cold. It was 1 degrees this morning in Jozi.

    I think I might go home early today and just get some drugs and get some beauty sleep. Will see how I feel tomorrow.

  • Morning

    Well after the shit day on Wednesday, I felt much better on Thursday and got straight back into action and today as well. I'm doing 7km hill[color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color] jog now with 1,2km rowing and 10 min cycling. Legs are killing me, but I will manage.

    Hope you all have a great weekend and will speak again on Monday.


  • Hi

    Well been training hard. Have started to experience problems in my left leg, where I jog it will start to hurt in the bone, between the knee and foot in the front. The funny thing is only when I jog and I'm into 10 min of it, it start to hurt. Other than that I can do anything else. I will take it easy on the jogging for a while and shift my main excersice to cycling for about 30 min, 5 min rowing and 10 min jogging.

    Other than that everything is going great. Just start from scratch again with the jogging.

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