• Am I the only one having trouble getting motivated? It's been a problem for a while - I'm starting to wonder if I've gone :idiot2:.

    It seems I have good days and bad days, or even good meals and bad meals. I'll go for a long jog, then eat a fatty lunch. I'll eat a tremendous dinner, like I did tonight, then eat a midnight snack.

    God, I even think I've been losing interest in rugby lately! This is going too far!

    Any help, boys?

  • get a hair cut, and get a real job, don't be lazy....  etc etc etc, as that song goes!!

    little steps, little goals - fruit in house for the midnight snack, take out one fatty thing from that lucnh etc...

  • Ive found that if you can knuckle down for the first few weeks, good habits start creeping in and you will find it much easier.  Try having one day off training a week where you can eat and drink whatever you like.  This stops the cravings as you know every 7 days you can pig out.  The begining is the hardest but once you start noticing some physical improvement, you get more motivated and its easy to stay on track.  Go hard mate.

  • spot on RB - and the cheat days get less and less cheaty too, as you want to keep getting the restults!  But it is the first few weeks getting into the routine that count!

  • On the first few cheat days I was scoffing my face with every kind of food I could get my mits on.  But now I only have a couple of treats on Sundays, Hells Pizza and chicken tenders with chili sauce and sour cream seem to be the preferred choice at the moment.  But I eat pretty much to my plan the rest of the day.

  • [quote name='Red Beard']Ive found that if you can knuckle down for the first few weeks, good habits start creeping in and you will find it much easier. [/quote]

    Yeah, I'm cruising it now mate. Again, it's the different strokes for different folks thing. Some people must just have to slog it out every day; for others I suppose it gets easier.

    However, we can't stop you eating that fatty pizza; only you can do that.

  • I dont know if I can!  Interestingly I was told Jerry Collins is a chain smoker, says its the only thing he cant give up.

  • My motivation is my old pair of Levi jeans. Manage to get into them but still got a few more cm. to loose around the gut before she fits again. Keeps me motivated.

    Cut out on fatty foods after the second week all ready. Weekends are my rest time. I pretty much eat just once on a Saturday and Sunday. I found that since the stomach is crimping, I can't eat that musch any more.

    Just keep at it. Like Bart said midnight snack replace with fruit, or if you must you can have a peanut butter, the crunchie one, sandwich. Peanut butter is very good for you.

  • Booze is my Achilles heel.  Drink = bad + drink = munchies + drink = eat more next day.

    Seem to have developed a pattern of 1 week really good - think I've got it sussed then for whatever reason fall back into old cycle for a couple of weeks until back to being goody 2 shoes for a week.

    Dogmeat the recidivist 😢

  • On the 12 week challenge I'm doing I have to write down every thing I eat and what my work outs are.

    Reckon this helps, cause if you are going have that beer or pizza or whatever its in the book!!

    It keeps you honest as to exactly how many cheat meals you did have. Anyways call them "reward" meals, Fark we are working hard enough, and doing better than the Shark so it is a reward!!

    Man up guys, we can do this!!

  • Just pretend your mirror is a sexy chick - Michelle
    Go stand in front of Michelle - naked


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