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  • Week ended at 93.5kg average weight and weighed 91.2 this morning. Playing in a social match this weekend for a mates birthday so that should keep the fitness ticking over. Last month I lost 6kg, a bit much to be honest but I had a stomach bug for a few days so putting it down to that.

  • Weekly update has me weighing in at an avg of 91.9 KG this week. My daily weights have all been around 90.8-90.6 so doesn't feel like I have lost much but the average is still coming down. Packing the gym gear next week to kick start a bit of light weights, want to get a bit of tone in the old abs and chest so any suggestions welcome. I will probably hit the pool as well for a bit of a paddle.

    Spent last weekend in Edinburgh caught up with mates who have not seen me since I started busting, most of them couldn't get past how much I have lost and they all asked if I was still playing in the front row. I waved it off as the misses not looking after me (which she didn't like). Was too embarrassed to tell the boys I was on a diet, don't know why! Just not a manly thing to do in my head I guess! Felt a bit of a dick afterwards should have just said yeah I'm on a diet. Think it must be a bit of kiwi tall poppy syndrome, don't want to stand out.

  • Pretty busy weekend had a big 84-0 win over the bottom of the league team, they were not up to much but it was good to convert nearly every chance we got. Challenging for promotion now so the coach is chuffed.

    Here is my chart for the last quarter doing well with consistent loses am now at an avg weight of 91.4 and weighed in at 90.1 for the last 3 days I seem poised to break into the 80s any day now.

  • In the 80's now (89.2) the end is insight just 2 months to go. Avg is 91.0 Total busted so far 16.1 kilos time taken 2 months and 29 days.

  • Hey mate.  Awesome work.  Just wondering if you had noticed a decrease in muscle/strength?  I lost 12 kgs in 12 weeks doing Body for Life a few years back and was horrified to find I had burned off 6 kgs of muscle.  Anyway keep up the good work, i need to take a leaf out of your book.

  • [quote name='Red Beard']
    Hey mate.  Awesome work.  Just wondering if you had noticed a decrease in muscle/strength?  I lost 12 kgs in 12 weeks doing Body for Life a few years back and was horrified to find I had burned off 6 kgs of muscle.  Anyway keep up the good work, i need to take a leaf out of your book.

    I would love to know If I had but I have no idea how to figure that out. I am still playing rugby and the coach gave me a 9 for my last two games so I am still playing well, I am also running a bit so, its not like I do nothing but eat a small amount.

    How exactly did you guys measure your amount of muscle? One of those body composition thingys? I hear they are wildly inaccurate, or just in the gym by what you chuck around. I don't do the gym I find it boring.

    I figure I will get to 80 kgs then run more and get nice and lean. If I put on some more weight doing that I will just cut back for another month and trim the fat, rinse and repeat until I am happy with the way I look.

    I have gotten so used to only eating 1300 calories a day (and so good at making the quantity big even if the calories are low) that I don't know how I will cope when I have to go back up to 2600 which is what I will need to stabilise. Sad ehh!

  • Well today is the 20th and I am at 90.0kg exactly hit my goal, and am stoked It has taken me a shade over 3 months to get here. I am now on holiday for a week and when I get back I will start looking at sorting out the last 10kg.

    Thanks to the guys in here for their support. I should have taken a before and after picture to show you guys but didn't will see if I can dredge something up when I get back.

    so the stats

    Total weight lost 17.1 kilograms (2 stone 8 and a half for those in the old world) 16% of my starting weight
    Time taken 3 months and 6 days
    Lost 4 inches on my waist from a size 40 to a size 36 ( I still hold my jeans up in front of me and think my arse is not going to fit into those but some how it does even when they are straight out of the drier!)
    BMI went from 33.8 to 28.4

  • Well holiday over as is the break from the diet, France was great so much awesome food, but I never went crazy and never went hungry. I honestly thought the wine would be my downfall but it has not appeared to be so. While on holiday I still lost (400 grams) and now have my weight down to 88.3 kilos. Working my arse off now to my final goal of 80kg. I have slightly modified the diet and am now eating 1500 calories a day (up from 1300) and am increasing my exercise, expecting to do 2, 10km runs a week with a shorter 5 or a gym session (depending on the hotel I am in for work). Then playing on Saturdays. This should get me to my target weight by allowing me to burn at a slightly higher rate. Will post the graph and stats at the end of the week, but it is still ramping up at the moment so dosent look to flash.

  • Not posted for a while but fear not still busting here in blighty! I have had a few work trips in the last few weeks last was to Pittsburgh, now I like the yanks as a rule they are friendly and polite. But they are damn fat, the average person there must be over 100kg now (that's just the woman), personally I am not surprised, it was harder then hell to get any low calorie food. There were no small supermarkets in town and everything comes with either cheese or bacon (or both). I struggled to keep to 1500 calories just guesstimating at foods. Which probably explains how I ended up being 107 kg's. Anyway I am back now and have dropped the calorie intake to 1300 to compensate for a few slow weeks. Ran a 6 miler and 3, 4 miler's over the last week. Playing tomorrow as well. I have posted my latest chart so you can see I have the graph going down again after my American blip.

    Still looking for any suggestions for what position an old prop can play next year now that he is under 85kg's and basically getting smashed every weekend at the coal face by much bigger guys. I am thinking, to light for the back row now.

    The stats
    Weight 85.6kg (avg) 84 (last weigh in)
    total busted 21.5 kg

    Final goal 80kg avg by May the 5th, then the build muscle phase will begin.

  • Impressed with your dedication, but that calorie intake is really low. Nicole Ritchie really low.

  • [quote name='Kirwan']
    Impressed with your dedication, but that calorie intake is really low. Nicole Ritchie really low.

    Its exactly half what I need to sustain a weight with the level of activity I do, yeah it is low but I have gotten used to it over the last few months. After the first few weeks you don't notice it any more the only reminder is the honking breath from the fat burning that is taking place! Needless to say the misses will be happy when this is all over.

  • This weeks stats
    Weight 84.6kg (avg) 83 (last weigh in)
    total busted 22.5 kg

    Final goal 80kg avg by May the 5th (current calculations say I will hit this on the 2nd of may if I keep to my current program.

    Have done four runs of 3 miles this week doing them at 6am before work so I can kick start the old body into burning. Times have been respectable avg is under 30 mins.

  • This weeks stats
    Weight 82.7kg (avg)  81.3kg(last weigh in)
    total busted  24.4kg

    Have done four runs of 3 miles this week and one at 6 miles.

    Still eating 1300 calories a day.

  • This weeks stats
    Weight 81.6kg (avg)  80.5kg(last weigh in)
    total busted  25.5kg

    Have done four runs of 3 miles this week and one at 4 and half miles all about 8 and a half minute mile pace, plus I will be playing in the last game of the season tomorrow.

    Finish line is now in site (As are my abdominal muscles) I went past both the 4 stone and 25kg markers this week. But it appears I don't have quite enough time left to make 80kg before the 3rd. Still will be the week after I guess. A little disappointed about this, but what's a week when you have been busting for 5 and a half months.

  • This weeks stats
    Weight 80.6kg (avg)  78.7kg(last weigh in)
    total busted  26.5kg

    All going to plan will be 80.2 on the 5th, so just missed my goal by the thinnest of margins still, not to worry. I only wanted to make it so that I could buy some new clothes that fit while I am in the states for work.

    Fear not however this is not the end, I will now endeavour to slowly raise my calorie intake to 2600, which is my calculated daily burn rate. Then I want to try and hit the weights and change my muscle to fat ratio. So will probably buy one of those electo monitor thingys and try and get my body fat percentage down. So stay tuned for more updates.

  • This weeks stats
    Weight 78.9kg (avg)  78.3kg(last weigh in)
    total busted  28.2kg (4 stone 5 and a half pounds)
    (final weight report as the busting is now over)

    Well I am and well and truly through the 80kg mark. I have raised my calorie intake and it seems like everything is starting to stabilise now. It will probably annoy all the people still busting but I am struggling to eat my 2600 a day and am wolfing down crap to get me over the line most nights, have a plan to replace the crap with smoothies. I have bought a nike plus wrist band thing measures all your runs and records them on the nike website, has loads of cool challenges and goal setting options. Not 100% accurate but a bit of fun anyway. Anyway my running times have been coming down have set a couple of PB's 10k of 48 mins and 5k of 23:47 Not amazing times but on hilly courses so I am proud of them, doing about 40k a week at the moment.

  • Well it has been almost 5 months since I stopped busting and stabilised myself. After a bit of up and down I am now a stable 78.5kg (12 stone 5) and have a BMI of 24.8

    The plan has worked really well and I still weigh myself every day so I can see how my trend is going, have had a couple of bad weeks but now that I can identify them. I have backed them up with a couple of good weeks and got things back on track. Am back playing rugby but in the back row instead of the front. Did a lot of work on my running after losing the weight and have some good PB's now

    5k 20:23
    10k 43:43
    10M 79:00

    The plan to bulk up a bit more muscle then trim a bit more fat is just not happened but may be something for the future, as I am happy enough at the moment.

    I have attached my chart for the last 6 months the grey line is my daily weights you can see they vary quite a lot, the red is my average it for the most part has been pretty stable.[attachment=0:rdiexk2a]HackDiet.png[/attachment:rdiexk2a]

  • Just back from NZ took the trusty scales with me and watched the weight slowly creep up as a stuffed as much reduced cream dip into my mouth as humanly possible. Up a kilo after 3 weeks (most of it really came from the last 3 days in the US I suspect) Am taming the weight gain this week at any rate so expect irritable posts. Did a lot of running in NZ which was great as rugby had really affected my speed over the last few months, so was nice to address that. Did a 5km race in 19:02 a PB and to be honest a better time then I could have ever imagined doing. Also ran up Rapaki track to the summit road in Christchurch a couple of times during the trip a run that has always beaten me thus far.

    Was great to head home and see mum who had not seen me since I lost the weight. She has also started busting and has lost more then me using the same method. Well she is 55 and to help with the busting she has also taken up running (she did the 5k in 36 mins, not to shabby for an old girl) Well I have challenged her to do a half marathon, and in return I will do a full. So this is set to become my training log, I cant promise I will put in as detailed reviews as Hooroo did but will do my best.

    So watch this space.

  • mOOS - ANOTHER MARATHON man - do your best and we'll front page it along with rembrandts! Speaking of which, I must put up his latest report...

  • Cheers for the support will start a new thread about and it give weekly updates expect the intro next week.


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