Fatbusting: Chowie

  • Hey boys, it's been a while since I've been on here but I've been busy!
    I finally decided to eat humble pie (and not a 'Le Moulin' steak and cheese one either!) and realised that I had a weight problemo.
    This was also given a serious edge when my doctor informed me that I had high blood pressure.
    He put it in simple terms: you have 2 choices, you can either live or die.
    Chowie has momentary panic attack
    I joined Weight Watchers about 11 weeks ago and (drumroll please) I've now lost 11.5kg.
    I started at 111.4kg, and I'm now (as of Thursday) 99.9kg!
    This is a biggie for me, as it's the first time I've been in double digits since I came home from the UK.
    The secret for me has been the food diary that WW gives you, and regular [u][b][i]aerobic [/i][/b][/u] exercise.
    Simply waliking the dogs at a good pace to start was enough for me to start with, and I started playiung golf, I've even joined Wainui Golf Club.
    I'm now running and riding the old dusty mountain bike with Mrs Chowie (who did the Special K Dualthalon in Welly last month, and loved it so much that she went up to Roto-Vegas with her mate to do that one too!).
    Word of advice: forget about doing weights until you've lost the weight, then think about toning.
    My goal weight is to get to 85kg, which my doctor thinks is a realistic goal, I'm not so sure but I'll sure give it a nudge.
    I have 2 rewards in mind, one is to play 80:80 grade in Welly club, which would be a lot of fun.
    The other is to run the London Marathon, in 2008.
    I can now run for 6kms non-stop, which is a good start.
    Good luck lads, and I'll keep posting my progress, and be an interested reader of all yours.

  • 99.0kg at the weigh-in today, so it's nice to have the under-the-hundie consolidated with a 900g loss.
    Happy with that, given I had to spend all weekend writing an essay, and couldn't exercise.
    Managed to squeeze in a couple of good pedals, though.
    I've started cycling as I've been told I have to stop running for a while as the jarring is aggravating my sciatic nerve.
    Now that I'm under the hundie, my next goal is 95kg, which I have not been under since I had glandular fever when I was 18. 😁

  • Down to 98.3kg (13.1kg total loss) at my latest weigh in, but my next one is tomorrow, and I expect to have put on a slight amount.
    Went for a hell pedal on sunday,from brooklyn down to owhiro bay, round the south coast and miramar peninsula, through the city and then back up brooklyn hill.
    Two and a half hard out hours.
    Going again this arvo.

  • good effort on that riding.  Almost motivated me to get my mountain bike back onto the logging roads just 500m from my back door.  Maybe tonight for a change of pace..

  • Only lost 100g (98.2kg - 13.2kg total loss) this week, still, at least I didn't put any weight on.
    Looking forward to the next few weeks, as after my last exam on Thursday I have four weeks off to solidly exercise. :twisted:

  • Have decided to have this week off Weight Watchers, as the weather is utterly shite, and I've got to concentrate on my exams.
    Looking forward to this weekend, because that's when my four week orgy of World Cup, AB tests and hardcore exercise begins...

  • Right back into it this week so far.
    Started back properly last Friday, with a good solid walk (still not allowed to run due to sciatica) and then 4 hours of golf on Saturday.

    I only put on 400g in total over my exam period, so as I wasn't exercising or eating well, that is a re-sult.

    A good tip to remember for any TSF fatbusting golfers: [i][b]carrying [/b][/i]your clubs rather than pushing a trundler will burn roughly an extra 2000 calories in one 18 hole round of golf!

    Rebel Sport have good, cheap, back-pack style golf bags, that are actually prett easyto carry round.

    Like this:[img]http://www.garindustries.com/images/products/GB320.jpg[/img]

  • 97.3kg at weigh in this week - total loss 14.1kgs.

  • Haven't posted for a couple of weeks, but put on about 1.6kg week before last to go up to 98.9kg, but stormed home with a 1.2 loss this week to go back down to 97.7kg.
    It seems when I have a bad week, it takes two weeks to show up! Bizarre.
    Back on track now.

  • Mrs BartMan just finisihg Jenny Craig - not that she bloody needed it, and they reckon it takes ten days to show up a bad day, but fuck - calories in an out, isn't that what it is all about.  Just a good myth perhaps that all the weight loss schemes like to keep burning??

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