Fatbusting Oldies

  • (For technical reasons (I'm 35), 'oldies' refers to people 36 and more. This will change later this year, damn the march of time. :tickedoff: )

    Hi Bartman, Super Mod. MvJ, and all the rest of you. I originally thought I'd ask for tips, but then realised it could be a general thread.

    [b]What approach should people take as they get older. How can we help our parents lose weight? Is it possible for 60 year olds to have good physiques? Should middle aged people do more weights to ensure retention of muscle, or more fat busting to prevent coronaries? Does leanness at older age help hold-off the onset of viagra? Etc etc. Please add your own Q's & A's.[/b]

    My situation, which I'll do update posts on when get the time.....

    I'll be soon going for my first session in the gym for several years. (Am fit though, through regular hiking/stairs/bikie riding, and swimming/kicking with a board). Bad back. The deal is a l-time friend of mine, businessman here in Taipei needs to lose weight. Mid-50's, smokes, stressed. Strong frame, sedentary habits.

    I've given myself 2 months for starters. J/July.
    --First month intend to focus on weights, getting his strength back, he'll feel keen and healthier.
    --Second month aim to tone/cut fat, and increase fitness. I don't want to kill this gentleman, he's a friend of the future pres of TW, so will try to take it slow and not push his HB high. Some hiking for 2-3 hours on the weekends as well as 4 gym sessions during the week.

    M/Th will be chest/shoulders/arms
    T/Fri will be back/legs
    Do abs each day.
    [[I'll chuck on some rowing (if they have C2), squats, dead lift, bench for myself]].

    Food wise I'll encourage him to gradually include more fruits and veges, some juices, some low calorie snack food, maybe nicotine patches, and olny water after 7pm when possible. Low calories and less red meat. Any other ideas?


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