Football back on Sky!!

  • Yeah Joy!!!!

    I don't mind that it costs extra as at least I will be able to watch it "normally"

  • Awesome, sounds cheaper than what I paid colosseum and I don't have to watch on my computer or tablet

  • If you are a football fanatic who already has Sky and isn't interested in rugby, RL, cricket etc then it's good value to only have the 2 football channels in addition to Sky Basic.
    I don't think I could justify spending an extra $12 per month as I would still need the other sports channels.  More the principle than the cost.
    It will be intersesting to see if this new business move by Sky works.  I expect more of a backlash.

  • Hmm, I'm a casual football fan but reckon I'd watch more football than I would of what is offered on the Rugby Channel. Could be worth flicking RC. Once upon a time when they had Top 14, European club stuff but now that's all trickled away. Now it's a few Pro12 games and a couple of Aviva Premiership games on top of the schoolboy rugby. I'm thinking there's more value for money in the footy channel than the Rugby Channel.

  • It's a pretty good deal for football fans, I would think. As canefan said, it is cheaper than what came before and this gives you way more content. I don't think I will sign up as Bovidae says it is more the principle. I probably watch enough sport as is!

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