US Open

  • Rain affected first day at the brutal Oakmont course has thrown up some good highlights.
    Firstly, Danny Lee is tied for 2nd at -2 after 13 with Bubba Watson. Some dude named Landry leads at -3.
    Quote of the day came from Speith who hit an approach to a green that hit the middle and spun back towards the hole, looking for all the world like a short birdie putt. Unfortunately it kept rolling, off the green, and in to the bunker. Queue Speith "You gotta be kidding me! How can that be in the bunker? That's such crap!". (and a club throw). I agree bro, golf is a fluffybunny of a game.
    Some bloke hit a bunker shot that dropped straight in the hole like he was playing basketball. And Bubba hit a putt from so far back i think he started it yesterday. Oh, and Dufner hit a shot that hit the back of the cup and bounced almost all the way back to him. poor fluffybunny. This course has a lot of hate in it.

  • Yeah I'll be interested to see how this one turns out, didn't get a chance to catch any of it this morning.
    I have a love/hate relationship with the US Open. The margins are really fine between it being compelling and unwatchable.
    Seeing golfers struggle can be fascinating, and a pleasant break from the regular tour shoot-out events where -21 wins it. But there needs to be a bit of balance, and the chance for birdies to be made if the right shots are played.
    Just watching a demolition derby where it's just 'last man standing' can be very hard to watch IMO.
    Not sure what this one will be.

  • That's where the Masters is good, plenty of risk vs reward on a lot of those holes.
    But this course can be brutal

  • Shame about this weather!
    I've been picking Danny Lee to be lowest scorer of his group pretty much every tournament this year and more often that not it pays out for me. Seems to be a first round specialist as his attacking game works well when there isn't a lot of pressure on. 2nd round he seems to try play steady (which he cant) and then he goes hard again 3rd round. Talented but frustrating golfer!

  • None of the big three firing so far - Spieth still in it at +2 but Day and McIlroy are probably out of it at +6 and +7 respectively.
    Dustin Johnson the best placed at the moment, but that's not unusual. I'll wait until the back 9 on Sunday to make any predictions about him.
    I don't think there is a less visually appealing course than Oakmont. So featureless, not a tree in sight, bloody highway running through it. Not flocking to play there.

  • didnt the comms say they had removed hundreds of trees form the course?

  • Been keen on DJ for the open and have tipped him to win it. Course is quite well suited to him

  • Classic 2'nd round from Danny

  • Johnson looking like the one to beat - Lowry is showing a few jitters, and is a shot behind Johnson now.

  • Shane Lowry started the day with a 4 stroke lead and is now 1 behind Johnson.

  • How's DJ looking?  Is it time to shed his "one of the best to not win a major" tag?

  • Two shot lead through 10 for Johnson.
    Poor old Landry cracked - today's outward nine - bogey, bogey, par, bogey, double bogey, par, bogey, bogey, par. +7 through nine.
    Lee and Wilkinson finished at +14 and +16 respectively.

  • after speed wobbles, Lowry back tied for lead at -4 with DJ.
    Still think it is DJs to lose.

  • Jim Furyk's -1 in the clubhouse is climbing the leaderboard as the cracks start to appear.  🙂
    Johnson -4
    Lowry -3
    Piercy -2
    You'd think it would come from these three - most likely DJ as he has only 3 to play. If he can do them in par I reckon he wins it.

  • Furyk in second equal now 🙂 - but, Johnson has been staunch. Still -4 and a solid tee shot made on 18.
    His only worry is that he's got a potential penalty stroke for a ball moving - but, it's no worry if he can avoid double bogey.

  • Hits a superb 2nd to about two feet from the hole. Nails a nasty downhill that rolls left and gathers pace to move to five under and Lowry has cracked.
    Regulation blonde golf wife in a mini dress almost squeezes out a tear as she wonders how to spend the cheque.   🙂
    Edit: I'm reminded that she's Wayne Gretzky's daughter.

  • DJ is/was the bad boy on tour wasn't he?

  • DJ is/was the bad boy on tour wasn't he?

    He got into drug probs didn't he?  It's golf so obviously not PEDs 😉

  • Got suspended for failing Cocaine tests.... twice!

  • and shagging someone else on tours Missus wasn't it?
    Good on him though, I like the way he plays the game!
    Man there are some good golfers on tour at present!

  • I don't think it helped that he is not an ugly man.  Easy not to root for a guy that seems to have it all

  • All the big names in Golf are firing up on Twitter at the USGA. Calling it a real amatuer hour in how they ruled Dustin's penalty shot.

  • conspiracy time? They didn't want him to win?
    Is pretty shit, especially for Lowry who did get back to even with him, or 1 ahead if they imposed the penalty.

  • Jusst crap, isn't it. Official ruling on the course should always stand.

  • some of the slopes of the greens on this course are fucking stupid. Some "good" shots end up rolling 5m off the green. What's the fucking point? Who plays there normally? And why would you?

  • Didnt see much of this as away on Thailand for work but did DJ get penalised in the end or not?
    I see he won. Cant check TAB account though as app seems to be blocked here

  • Really happy for DJ. Especially the way he played 18 - what a way to get the monkey off your back.
    It ended up being a compelling final round, with Lowry's slide helping things. Charges from Garcia and Day, but DJ played really solid golf all day and was a deserving winner.
    I really enjoyed Fox's coverage. Why they don't use the 'pro tracer' on every shot is beyond me, makes it such a better viewing experience when you know where the ball is going.

  • Didnt see much of this as away on Thailand for work but did DJ get penalised in the end or not?

    Yeah he did.
    Pretty ridiculous why they had to wait until the end of the round to do it. Look at the fucking footage, and if it's a penalty, give it to him as soon as possible. Lucky the bloke won by four (at the time), as it could have been really brutal if it was a tight finish.

  • FFS that is pretty shit

  • yea with the technology they have, bit of a joke really, a farcical situation where he couldnt have made it move, yet they let that hang over him.

  • What I don't understand is that he took his practice strokes and the ball did not move.  He then placed his putter behind the ball without grounding it and the ball moved which is not a penalty.  So they are saying that his practice swings caused the ball to move but it didn't.  Didn't they bring the rule in that if the ball moves and your club is not grounded there is not penalty?  Really is a stupid rule when greens are so fast and/or the wind is blowing.  Great composure DJ.

  • THought they made a ruling a few years back that players wouldnt be penalised for ball movements that could only be detected by technology?

  • They ruled that Johnson's moving of his putter in proximity to the ball caused it to move. Which is pretty ridiculous.

  • Really happy for Johnson, even more so that the USGA brainfart didn't cost him the title.
    Had a look online for it and I can see how they came up with the penalty, with the idea that something had made that move.  And that's fine, but, like Barnes last week, the way it was handled was just awful.
    It's a either a penalty or it's not.  What it's not is a "may be a penalty, we'll talk to you about it at the end of the round".  I mean, WTFF?

  • Maybe they needed Nigel Llong to make the ruling?
    I can certainly understand why they could think he may have made it move, but on lightning fast greens, windly conditions, on day four of the tournie, and cameras showing he made no contact...
    Agree, if they had just ruled it right there and then, as it was they only alerted him 7 holes after it happened...I mean Lowry technically hit the fornt again at one point as he and DJ were tied, but not really due to the penalty! Granted Lowry wasnt playing well, but who knows how that might have impacted things?

  • It exposes how much of a clusterfuck golf can be, especially the majors.
    The US Masters is run by the Augusta National Golf Club. The US Open is run by the USGA. The Open is run by the R&A. The USPGA is run by the PGA Tour.
    Each has its own tournament rules, its own officials, its own practices. With the exception of the PGA, they don't follow the procedures that all other events on the PGA Tour do.
    This is why these things are so regularly fucked up. Each body insists on doing things its own way, which is different to what golfers put up with week in, week out.
    It's ridiculous.

  • It's a either a penalty or it's not.  What it's not is a "may be a penalty, we'll talk to you about it at the end of the round".  I mean, WTFF?

    They are fucking lucky that Johnson wasn't 1 up or tied at the end of the round. Would have looked even more stupid than they do.

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