The Ground We Won

  • Hey guys, just want to give you a heads up that the Rialto channel is free on Sky from 23rd - 29th, and they are playing the rugby documentary 'The Ground We Won'.
    I haven't seen it myself but am hearing very good things about it, so looks like it will be worth a watch. Wednesday 29th at 8:30PM and then various other showings after that, though the subsequent showings will be after the free week -

    The Ground We Won is a vérité documentary study of manhood as observed through the rites and rituals of a rural New Zealand rugby club. With great bawdiness and camaraderie, an eclectic rugby team of farmers strive to redeem themselves from a long run of bitter loses. In the face of the hefty demands of farming and fatherhood, the Saturday game becomes the focus of the men’s passions and the ground on which their worth is proved. With incredibly privileged access inside this sacred men’s zone, the film captures a fascinating season of traditions, debauchery and friendship, as the men reclaim their faith in themselves.

  • Is this based on the Reporoa rugby club?

  • Is this based on the Reporoa rugby club?


  • I've seen it.  An interesting take on what a country club means to its community.  But the after-match rituals will either make you laugh or cringe, depending on your opinion on these things.
    Cane makes a "cameo" appearance.

  • Went and saw this at the movies. Great little movie and highly recommend if you can catch it on Rialto.

  • Fantastic film, Bovidae is right there a fair amount of laugh/cringe moments before you take into account the sitting on a dead cow making a cellphone call scene.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Will try and tune in on Wednesday.

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