Historic Northland Rugby Matches

  • By chance has anyone got a copy of Northlands 44 to 43 win over Auckland in 2001. The warm glow of that victory has see me through many a bleak season.
    Look at the names in that squad below with Woodward coaching, the two Taylor's, Caine, Rupeni, Fero, Shoemark (before he forgot about us), Pinder, Waaka, Tubbs, Hilton-Jones, Maimuri, Knight, Storey, Whitcombe ( before the Auckland trade ) Dow, Hammond. These guys played multiple seasons for us with guys lof real ability like Pinder, Waaka, Storey never getting proper recognition.
    See the article as well. The whole thing is about Auckland - this was one of the great up upsets in NZ Rugby and heralded Rupeni's arrival but also I think the quality of Woodward as a coach. Loved Jason Shoemarks try with the ball straight from halfback to second five on the advantage line. A great line run by such a young player.
    Coach: Bryce Woodward
    Assistant: Donny Stevenson
    Captain: Glenn Taylor
    Backs: Hayden Taylor, Rhyan Caine, Rupeni Caucau, Fred Asselin, Fero Lasagavibau, Eric Abraham, Mark Subritzky, Jason Shoemark, Jason Hita, Brad Miller, James Arlidge, Aidan Vince, Sam Pinder, Ben Meyer.
    Forwards: Tim Henwood, Brett Waaka, Allen Tubbs, Graham Hilton-Jones, Hayden Wright, Akapani Vaipulu, Brad Taylor, Vula Maimuri, Glenn Taylor, Tim Knight, Joe Veitayaki, Mike Storey, Derren Witcombe, Russell James, Tim Dow, Jason Hammond.

  • Oh, wouldn't it be nice for us to have a line up of that quality again...

  • All npc sides back then had very good teams, I mean the players involved in the 2nd div finals in the late 90s was outstanding.

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