Log - Martunga

  • Right then.  Bit late off the mark but better late than never

    Age - 31
    Height - 5-9
    Weight - 117kg

    Goal weight 95kg for a start.

    = Hori Bop in training (with a few more beers and pies)

    Started really stacking on the kgs from about age 28.

    Been at it at the gym for about 7 weeks now.  Doing mostly cardio but can't help doing the heaving shit.  Mrs says I'm slimming but the scales tell me I'm getting heftier.Â

  • Good stuff mate, keep up the great work.  I went from 122kgs last year to under 100 this year.

  • good luck mate. I read somewhere that when you start dieting/exercising, its best to weigh yourself only every 2 weeks and not look at the scales between these times. that way you are more likely to see the differences without accounting for things such as fluid retention, any residual food in your stomach, intestines etc, I weigh myself from day to day and find that it can vary by 3-4 kilos on any given day.
    The best thing i reckon is when people who dont know that youve been working out that you havent seen for a while comment on it, that way you know you arent just imagining weight loss!

  • yea auckwarlord - it is the comments from people you haven't seen for ages that does the trick - got a gee your looking good, haven;t seen you this slim ever etc the other day.  makes all the work worthwhile, and by christ, I feel better for it too.

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