British Lions n2017

  • Hi everyone,
    Having spent 8 weeks in New Zealand for RWC 2011 my next aim was to return in 2017 for the British Lions Tour (i am from Wales, living in England).
    The British Lions run their own tour company and the prices they want for the tour is more than double what they are actually worth. We can get flights but are struggling with tickets for the 3 test games.
    The tickets will be in a ballot for new Zealand people only, the hospitality packages (cheapest $599 + tax) is not accessable to users in Europe and the private sellers want $999 + tax for the same hospitality. 
    Can anyone give me some ideas on how to get tickets or hospitality at a reasonable price.
    This is the link to my club.

  • I'm a kiwi living in London and planning on going out there with 5 British mates. You are right, the packages on offer over here (the only way to get tickets) are an absolute joke price-wise, and we want to road trip round the country / stay on mate's farms etc anyway. 
    What I am doing is going into the ballot for max no. test tickets with mum/dad/aunty/uncle who are all NZ residents, and hopefully score enough to make the trip happen.

  • I read somewhere that 20,000 packages had been purchased from the uk. Sounds like a bit of bollicks to me but even if slightly true with the size of our grounds tickets are going to be fucking scarce!

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