RSA vs NZ, 1st Test, Durban

  • So looking forward to this.
    Delay due to damp outfield but RSA have won the toss and will bat first.

  • Bracewell in for Sodhi

  • After sitting through the anthems prior to the start of play I am considering appealing to the MCC or who ever controls cricket nowadays to make it compulsory for a brass band to be used to play the respective team's anthems. That way we won't have to sit through a guiness book of records length NZ Anthem. One verse is played and if anyone wants to sing along then they can sing in any language they like. Tonight it took so long the umpires almost had to call for a drinks break after they had finished.

  • Good crowd ...….........

  • Take away the choir, the parents of the choir members, the players families and the security staff and there would be no one there.

  • They are playing in winter up there. Outfield looks like onewa domain number 2 right now
    Commentator said earliest test was previously October.... This is August!

  • Boult finding the seam nicely, Southee straying down leg a bit in these early overs. Yarps off to a rollicking start 14-0 after 3

  • southee is so frustrating. just relieves all the pressure boult creates.

  • Boult gets Cook with a beauty!

  • Great over by Boult and finds Cook's outside edge, Cook gone for 20 33-1.

  • Great bowling by boult, all our other bowlers useless so far

  • Bracewell takes Elgar, easy slip catch, the insular racists not looking flash at 41/2

  • Jeez Southee has bowled some rubbish today - he's all over the place in both length and direction. He's a liability at the moment.
    Amla is feasting on some dross and has raced to 42 off 35 balls. 90-2 just before lunch.

  • Amla gone and we are well on top.

  • awesome from boult.
    also good (for us) to see that duminy still has a weakness against the short stuff.

  • Fuck me is there nothing Kane can't do? Bats, bowls and fields, that catch!

  • SA currently 228/8.. 
    Great bowling effort.. But im guessing our batsmen will be lucky to get past 100...

  • Both sides look like 200 all out without their 2 decent batsmen doing something good. In which case they might be 300 all out. Makes for a great series.

  • We chipped away nicely. The saffa batsmen looked good in parts but we stuck to our guns.
    Dougie and Wags add some nice intangible guts effort and attitude to the mix
    Can that fuckwit ANZ bank stump up some more of our fees to get Bondy on a consultant role. He can learn Wagner an inswinger coming back to a right hander camped back in his crease and remind Timmee what the new ball is for.
    Wagner with an inswinging yorker and Southee not giving 4 balls and we're well set.
    Well bowled Boulty today too!
    ps hard job finding highlights on the interweb...

  • i just watched that catch on youtube. that was fucking sharp.