V Auckland

  • Some interesting selections in this team!

    1. Namatahi Waa 2. Jordan Olsen (Captain) 3. Phil Kite 4. Josh Goodhue 5. Shane Neville 6. Michael Faleafa 7. Jack Ram 8. Dan Pryor 9. Sam Nock 10. Peter Breen 11. Jone Macilai 12. Tamati Tua 13. Warren Dunn 14. Monty Lama 15. Solomon Alaimalo
      Replacements 16. Ross Wright 17. Howard Sililoto 18. Matt Talaese 19. Josh Larsen 20. Matt Matich 21. Malcolm MacLeod 22. Dan Hawkins 23. Jordan Hyland
      Moulds injured, Olsen straight to captain? Matich to bench, only Fluffy V2 retains the starting loosie spot, Tua gets a chance at 12 too, assume Lawebuka dropped for being late to the game the other day??
      Apparently Kara went off holding his arm, so maybe was serious, very tough on Matich I would think, woulda left him out there and FV2 to the bench, which would be a very good loose trio.

  • Olsen straight to captain?

    He was captain when he came on last week. He's the official VC apparently.
    I like how this guy plays. He has size, great work rate and great skills (used to be a 10 back in junior grades I believe). If given the opportunity, I believe he could easily play super rugby.

  • oh I didn't realize he was VC, odd they've moved away from Dan though, unless it isn't looking likely he'll be back next year? Too early for those discussions anyway....
    Yeah after his horror first 20 mins or so for us (was v Manawatu too wasn't it?) he does look a good prospect, Moulds will have a battle to start if Olsen keeps playing like he did last week.

  • Olsen took over the captaincy when Moulds left the field last week,fair to say it did'nt effect the way he played,can't quite understand Matich being put back to the bench,his work rate was outrageous last week,which could be why he's gone back to the bench,got no issues with Faleafa retaining his spot,Auckland are fielding a really big back row,with a whole lot of line out options.
    No issue with Lawabuka being dropped all together,if you can't turn up to your first big game of the season on time,and then your only contribution is giving away a penalty,that leads to Mamawatu gaining great field position,and from there on applying pressure and finding the winning try,then a bit a time down in the bs might bring him back to earth.
    Big call to bring Tua into the playing XV,on saying that,we will all get to see first hand,where he sits in the scheme of things,brave call from the coaches,
    Auckland Team,
    15.Melani Nanai
    14.Lolagi Visinia
    13.Vince Aso
    12.Calvary Fonoti
    11.Pryor Collier
    10.Simon Hickey
    9.Leon Fukofuka
    8.Steven Luatua
    7.Akira Ioane
    6.Taleni Sau
    5.Liaki Moli
    4.Scott Scrafton
    3.Isi Tu'ungafasi
    2.Kurt Ekland
    1.Sam Prattley
    16.Greg Pleasants-Tate
    17.Tom McHugh
    18.Marcel Renata
    19.Joe Edwards
    20.Josh Kaifa
    21.Jono Hickey
    22.Latiume Fosita
    23.Joe Ravouvou
    Strengths,very big lineout,big ball carriers,and outside backs like Melani Nanai,and Lolagi Visinia,Vince Aso and Calvary Fonoti both good on their feet,and great ability to break the line.
    Also off the bench,watch out for Josh Kaifa,open side flanker from Manukau,considered the best up and coming number 7 behind,Blake Gibson,you won't miss him,got a haircut to match.
    Weakness,not entirely sure about their scrum,personally,I think it's an area,where we can have a real crack,other area is in and around there breakdown work,they were the one team that struggled with the new rules..

  • You know Auckland will look to physically dominate (power and pace) but they I don't have as much skill as some of the other teams. We will need to win our set piece and make tackles to compete. Good luck to Tamati Tua - fantastic to see a young Northland player get a chance.
    NB: Our reserve forwards look good - thought the props that came on last week played well, Wright/ Larsen/ Matich are all players who will have a impact and players I really like. The reserve backs lack the same depth. Disappointed that Lawebuka is not there to make an impact - hope he comes back.

  • That's 3 lineout throws we've had hot on attack and 3 lineouts lost.

  • Auckland in.
    Soon to be 10-3

  • terrible start by Olsen 😞

  • fark! Handling pretty shite so far, costing us dearly right now...looks like a 12 point wind

  • BS call there!! Onside all day!

  • Fuck sakes Pryor gone.

  • How about that piston wristed gibbon holding Josh Larsen back while that try was scored?
    They way we've started with 50 million mistakes and penalties I think we're gonna get pumped.
    We cant

  • we are our own worst enemies, Nutbrown our 2nd worst at the moment

  • we are our own worst enemies, Nutbrown our 2nd worst at the momentYep.
    Seen better handling skills in reserve grade club footy. Yep the weather is shite, but that means they need to adjust.
    So frustrating.

  • after pinging us for a not offside Nutbrown seems to be allowing Auckland a fair bit of room in front of the offside line

  • how was Ecklund not coming in from the side right in front of Nutbrown??
    We score, eventually.

  • but that means they need to adjust.As I write that, the forwards say to hell with flash wide passes in this wind and keep the ball tight with a series of pick & gos.
    Leads to a try.
    That's smarter play, pity it took them 36 minutes to work the weather out.

  • wtf, now Goodhue off, Wright locking?

  • Fuck now Goodhue gone, replaced by Wright. Id imagine Olsen will go to loose forward.

  • We are getting decimated by injuries. Jack Ram has been carrying so well! Very impressed by our scrum tonight! Think the scrum will get even stronger with Ross Wright!

  • Goodhue having concussion test?
    So Matich to lock, Olsen to loosie?

  • Goodhue having concussion test?
    So Matich to lock, Olsen to loosie?Larsen to lock surely?

  • down by 7 at the break...lets hope its one of those games where the wind at your back is not helpful

  • Larsen to lock surely?

    ah, yeah forgot we already had a lock at loosie.

  • so is Goodhue gone, or could he back if he passes a concussion test??

  • Handling and defence are going to be very important in the second half. Our handling has been abysmal albeit in very tough conditions. We need to use our dominant scrum as much as possible. The lineout looks like a lottery for both teams! I think we found the right idea toward the end - keep it tight. The wind is the big worry - expect Auckland to play territory in the second half and they seem to have the bigger guys to control the ruck a little better.
    Alaimalo and Macilai have looked dangerous with ball in hand - it's just difficult to get the ball out to them! I think Tamati Tua has made a good starting debut so far. We are missing Faleafas physicality in defence I think - he's a much more physical player than his brother! To be honest, if any team loses a player like Dan Pryor it will be a loss but I think the guys we have brought on are all very handy players. Think if anything with the extra size we might not be as mobile but should be stronger at scrum and ruck time

  • WTF what a brain fart from Ram.
    And then another terrible kick from Nock

  • holy shit Ram, not a great time to pull out your shitty kicking boots

  • hate people being able to kick the ball at rucks now

  • haha that sign in the crowd: Hickey likes Nickelback

  • Waa off.

  • do we not know there is wind out there??
    AR walked that past where he kicked from didnt he?

  • gee some poor decisions being made at the moment.

  • gee some poor decisions being made at the moment.Just at the moment?
    All game except the last 4 minutes of the first half....

  • well the game is at the moment...pretty sure Auckland are living in our pockets.

  • oh look, we lost another lineout....:(

  • and they score...cant buy a trick at lineouts otherwise we'd be well in this 😞

  • Hawkins on...

  • oh look, we lost another lineout....:(Olsen showing some nativity/inexperience as a captain in persisting with kicking for touch when we cant win a lineout...

  • not many arms in that

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