MOTM v Auckland

  • Pick your 3 from the loss to Auckland
    Points after round 1
    Alaimona 5
    Kara Pryor 3
    Matt Matich 1
    Jordan Olsen 1

  • Really impressed with Ram Matich and Wa'a. Those guys were standouts in an otherwise horrid game allround. Come on Northland lets get our season rolling.

  • Picked Macalai, Matich, Waa.
    Macalai is all class - accurate with what he does, makes ground in traffic, finished the opportunity he was given.
    Matich - has a high work rate and apart from one dropped ball early on, accurate.
    Waa- pushing for more starting roles in the Blues with dominant scrum performances, and improved general play.
    Jack Ram was awesome as well particularly suited to the tight physical work required for this game.

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