New workout claims to be three times more fatbusting!

  • Might give this a go on my ride tonight...

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    [quote]8 seconds key to weight loss
    By Clare Masters
    January 22, 2007 12:00am

    A REVOLUTION in weight loss is about to hit Australia after scientists devised a workout that burns three times the amount of fat.

    They found their specific brand of interval training prompts the body to click into a metabolic response that allows more fat to be burned under the skin and within the muscles.

    [b]Researchers at the University of NSW and the Garvan Institute studied 45 overweight women over 15 weeks, putting them through a 20 minute cycling regime in which they sprinted on a stationary bike for eight seconds followed by 12 seconds of cycling lightly. [/b]

    "They lost three times more weight as other women who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for 40 minutes," UNSW Associate Professor Steve Boutcher said.

    Their success was due to higher amounts of chemical compounds called catecholamines that are produced in increasing amounts when linked to interval sprinting; the resulting chemical reaction drives greater weight loss.

    The scientists believe the regime would also be applicable to swimming, walking, running and rowing.

    Professor Boutcher said other types of interval training use longer interludes which are not as effective for overweight people and said the current government recommendations for exercise are largely ineffectual.

    "Walking for 60 minutes, seven times a week does not result in much fat loss, usually 1.15kg over 15 weeks – for a lot of overweight people this is going to be a revolution," he said.

    The scientists found their method could "spot reduce" troublesome areas such as legs and buttocks.

    The system will be useful to diabetics, as "insulin resistance was dragged down by about 32 per cent".

    The findings were welcomed by Bondi local Kim Broderick, 21.

    "I try to run or walk but if this system works better it's great."

    The scientists are now ready for the next phase of the study which controls food and exercise plans.

    "We hope to find even more loss in fat," Professor Boutcher said.

    The trial will put participants through the interval training while placing them on a Mediterranean diet of fresh food as well as daily fish oil capsules, which helps burn fat more efficiently.

  • This isn't that new, plenty of articles talking about interval training increasing your metabolism for longer. Still down to diet for two thirds of any weight loss program.

  • Were any of the articles specific about the timing? Most interval training is listed in terms of minutes.

  • TYhis 8 seconds and 12 seconds seems fairly specific - might try something liek that on the rower.  but for 20 minutes - dunno if I could do that - will try thoguh!!

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