How long you been here?

  • Trying to find the longest serving alky in this pub

    The new software thingy says I've done 12 years which is pretty much the most committment I've ever achieved at anything.

    Just wondering...

  • @Siam fark. Dunno. Was here prior to Lions 2001 I'm pretty sure.

  • 2000-1ish I think.

    edit: Actually 2002. 14 years.

  • @NTA said in How long you been here?:

    @Siam fark. Dunno. Was here prior to Lions 2001 I'm pretty sure.


    I Noticed the year thing in the new profile thing.

    Doesn't account for reincarnations I guess though

  • Found it when it was hosted on Rivals in 99/00 and Bart was making millions!

    Think it was around the same time as I met my wife, so cant have one without the other....

  • Think I joined in 2006 when I was living in the UK and needing my NZ sport fix

  • 16,000 odd posts down to 800! Been here since circa 2000

  • Actually my profile says 12 years so guess it was actually 2004 then

    1. Just before the RWC. I had been on a site named The Haka but following the England win in NZ got sick and tired of being called a cheating pommy fluffy bunny and migrated over here, where I have only been called a cheating pommy fluffy bunny every couple of months or so.

    Edit: Fluffybunny filter not working

  • I remember the wicked weasel ?? ads

    Clever marketing campaign to snare lurkers there by Bart! 🙂

  • 9 years for me.

    But I used to lurk long before that - I think even lurked pre 2003 world cup. No idea why I didn't join, probably just too lazy.

  • 9 years 🙂

  • I think I joined in 2001 after a year in England. Met tonnes of ferners in that time. Most awesome, some pork chops and some just a little bit weird.

  • I'm a really dedicated non-deleter of files as I reckon you never know when you'll need them. The oldest file I can find is dated 30 October 2001 and for some reason it is a HTML file of a story by Bart on John Mitchell's first squad selection. Reprinted below for your viewing pleasure.

    My first article on cricket was early in 2002 (2 Feb) so I must have been hanging around for a while before that.

    "Another All Black touring squad...

    Next Sunday, The Gaffer names the first All Black squad of his test match coaching career. Yes, John Mitchell will stamp his first mark on the Men in Black. Thirty players to go on the Ireland, Scotland and Argentinean tour, and a pile of changes coming according to our mate Deaks on Sky TV.
    Here is the team me and my team of selectors would like to see selected, lets see how good Mitch is!!

    Test Team	Midweekers

    15 Leon MacDonald (Canterbury) Ben Blair (Canterbury)
    14 Doug Howlet (Auckland) Jeff Wilson (Otago)
    13 Tana Umaga (Wellington) Rico Gear (Harbour)
    12 Pita Alatini (Otago) Aaron Mauger (Canterbury)
    11 Jonah Lomu (Wellington) Bruce Reihana (Waikato) *
    10 Andrew Mehrtens (Canterbury) David Hill (Waikato)
    9 Byron Kelleher (Otago) Justin Marshall (Canterbury, v capt.) *
    8 Paul Miller (Otago) Scott Robertson (Canterbury) *
    7 Marty Holah (Waikato) Richard McCaw (Canterbury)
    6 Taine Randell (Otago, v capt.) Jerry Collins (Wellington)
    5 Glenn Taylor (Northland, capt.) Royce Willis (Waikato) *
    4 Chris Jack (Canterbury) Norm Maxwell (Canterbury)
    3 Greg Somerville (Canterbury) Gordon Slater (Taranaki) *
    2 Anton Oliver (Otago) Tom Willis (Otago) *
    1 Greg Feek (Canterbury) Tony Woodcock (Harbour)

    • denotes test reserves

    Who knows how accurate that selection will be, but with the help of my co-selectors HappyMeal and Sausage, that's the squads we came up with. Feel free to slate us on the message boards..."

  • 14 years. Jesus fuck.

  • @NTA said in How long you been here?:

    @Siam fark. Dunno. Was here prior to Lions 2001 I'm pretty sure.

    Actually, I may be thinking of Planet Rugby... 🤔

    EDIT: 8 years ago, it says. For this profile 😉 But there was a "Nick the Aussie" floating around here before that.

  • 12 years...damn I am getting on a bit

  • 13 years. I am like the Mark Richardson of ferners with a ridiculously low posting average.

  • 13 years. Although I reckon that's overselling me by a year. I read a great ''match report'' from Canerbry about his boozy day at the cricket and started posting after that.

  • MIne says 46 years.....

  • Just 9 years for me - Higgins gave me the tip that this place existed, and I've been losing time here ever since

  • 9 years, born from a need to grieve in the wake of 2007. Needless to say the Fern is a much happier place than it was in November 2007 😉

  • 11 years , its funny I cant remember the beginning to be honest ,

    my strongest memory of the beginning , was that morning after the 2007 quarter final , but that was 2 years later

  • 11 years also. I was struck by the international flavour of the site back then, and as a prop finding two gems like Bartman and Red Beard sharing yarns... well end of story.

  • Profile says 14 years, but I think I discovered the forum around 2000-2001(on one of the old boards). Was (still is) a great to make the work day go faster.

  • I stumbled across the Fern about 2001 after a shocking Super 12 season by the Saders. But it wasn't until I met a fellow Ferner in person at the beginning of 2005 that I started posting.

  • Mid-2008. Wish i had been here for the 2007 meltdown

    1. Just after the war.

  • five years ago apparently. Although I was crapping on online around 2000 on rsru...

  • Lurked since 2005, joined in 2007 just before the 2007 RWC. Would love to re-read the 2007 QF match thread if its archived anywhere.....!

  • @TeWaio try this link to the swayback machine. Seems to have captured a lot of pages around the end of 2007*/

  • This link has Bart mulling over the team selection pre the game that didn't happen.

  • @Crucial Can't seem to find the actual thread, I guess that lives at which is not archived.

  • @mariner4life said in How long you been here?:

    Mid-2008. Wish i had been here for the 2007 meltdown

    Still holds the record for the most new posters and most bans in one evening.

  • 2003 for me. I heard about it on Brendan Telfers show on RS.

    Still remember my first post in a thread about good/funny/biting sporting put-downs.

    MvJ climbed into me and it made it very clear I was an ignoramus and my suggestion (Bunce saying that's a lot of penalties when told England had beaten Scotland by 20 points or similar) was neither funny, good or biting.

    I lurked for a while after that...

  • My little brother who was a lurker here sent me a link around 2006, after reading some of the ridiculous theories some people were pulling out of their arses I had to sign up to put them in their place. Been my go-to since then, and thank fuck for that because MSM has been deteriorating at a rate of knots in that time.

  • @mariner4life

    I came online straight after the game , i watched the game with kiwi friends and family at home , and they left straight away in disguist. All of a sudden I was alone .

    I started a thread about us being chokers or something negative , it had a couple of replies and was on page 2 in a matter of minutes there was so many new threads starting .

    It was chaos .

  • I don't really remember the meltdown too much on the day, even though I likely participated over the week.

    But, I was up at a friends in HB who didn't have internet, and while I had an internet enabled phone (I can't remember what it was called, it was the same era as a Palm Treo) it was so slow that I didn't even bother using it.

    Anyway, later that day the Magpies thumped Waikato in the 1/4 final of the NPC (which was probably our first big win since the new comp had started) so I actually drove back up to Palmy in a good mood.

  • Was lurking since 2002, but didn't sign up until after a drunken bender after watching an AB game in 2004. Hence the rather erm special username.

    2007 was gut-wrenching. I actually said that I wanted to give up supporting the abs, because the RWC pain was getting too much to take. The fact that they were dudded by Barnes made it much worse. It was like some kind of farking curse. But of course my exile lasted until the very first game of the next season.

  • I do remember the meltdown but also that article of Booboos about supporting the team no matter what and thanking them for all those awesome times between world cups. Very inspiring.

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