• Am hearing good news on the injury front, with our loose forward stocks being bolstered by the return of Kara Pryor, FV2 and Robinson, while Breen likely to return as well.

    Havent heard anymore on Olsen or Moulds, but is another position we seem lucky in with either of them or Wright able to step in and perform at this level (throwing excepted...)

    Guess the starting lineup to look like:

    Waa, Olsen/Moulds/Wright, Kite
    Goodhue, Neville
    Pryor, Matich, Ram
    Nock, Breen
    Hyland, Tua
    Macilai, Alaimona, Lawabuka

    Olsen/Moulds/Wright, Talaese, Sililoto, Robinson, FV2, Hawkins, Dunn

  • On the plus side - one of us will have a win on the board after Friday night.

    (No - lets not contemplate a draw 🚫 🙂 )

  • as much as I like BOP and thier fans, I hope you guys stay winless after the weekend 🙂

  • We're on 3 losses out of 3, you're on 4 losses out of 4. And we're both just a point outside the playoffs! Good to see participation rewarded.

    Won't be able to make this. A 5.45 start on a working day in a stadium an hour away doesn't really work.

  • odd though, there could still be 3 teams without a win come end of the weekend: HB, Southland and the loser of this game.

  • I wasn't that close really...Ram to the bench, smacks of rotation for the sake of it, he is one of our best week in week out, which in turn leads to Robinson at 6, bit of a surprise, but keen to see what he can do,
    Sililoto over Waa too. Our scrum has been pretty good this year (that lapse aside v Manawatu) seems odd not to start our best pack in a MUST WIN game.

    1.Howard Sililoto
    2.Matt Moulds
    3.Phil Kite
    4.Josh Goodhue
    5.Shane Neville
    6.Tom Robinson
    7.Kara Pryor
    8.Matt Matich
    9.Sam Nock
    10.Peter Breen
    11.Jone Macilai
    12.Jordan Hyland
    13.Warren Dunn
    14.Waisea Lawebuka
    15.Solomon Alaimalo

    16.Ross Wright
    17.Namatahi Waa
    18.Matt Talaese
    19.Josh Larsen
    20.Jack Ram
    21.Malcolm MacLeod
    22.Dan Hawkins
    23.Tamati Tua

  • @taniwharugby

    Same thoughts as me. Still wondering about that midfiels as well...

  • Re Robinson, these coaches really seem to love having a big body at 6, its not very often we've had a loose trio of smaller guys - ie, Pryor, Matich & Ram.

    Hell they even put a lock at 6 over starting the above trio...

    Still no Guy Wood 😞
    Had a report from the bs last game, that they were told they had a weapon at fullback and to get the ball to him in space to see what he could do - he got the ball once or twice....

  • For me the biggest issue with Robinson is he has not yet played at this level under these rules.

  • I think you're right Gunner - they're going for extra size. As TR mentioned it's a bit of a risk given Robinsons experience. Also surprised they've left out Ram - he's been excellent for us. Surely 8 days is long enough to get a rest. Ram isn't the biggest but is a very strong ball carrier and given his stats from last weeks game it is a surprise he's been left out.

  • We're weakened by injury - apparently 12 players sitting with nursey in the sick bay.

    Big blow is Foketi, our 13, is out straight after scoring a hat-trick v Otago. Sevens player Teddy Stanaway starts joining other Sevens players Regan Ware and Isaac Te Aute in the bacline.

  • getting the excuses in early 😉

    I know a few Taniwha fans that are heading down!

    We have about 4 out that would likely be starters or on the bench.

    BOP fairly firm faves head to head at the TAB - $1.40 vs $2.80
    Northland points start +7.5 @$1.87 (was +8.5 about 15 mins ago)

  • @taniwharugby said in V BOP:

    getting the excuses in early 😉

    I know a few Taniwha fans that are heading down!

    We have about 4 out that would likely be starters or on the bench.

    BOP fairly firm faves head to head at the TAB - $1.40 vs $2.80
    Northland points start +7.5 @$1.87 (was +8.5 about 15 mins ago)

    Always a good time to get excuses in.

    Should be a close game, both teams are good are leaking tries and not bad at scoring them!

  • @Chiefy trying to win some line out ball. thats why robinson will be in there, starting to wonder why Nevell aint stepping up in that set piece, with his size he should be able to dominate the front.

  • Peter Breen has to sort out his kicking. Very poor midfield bomb inside our half changed the momentum of this game.

    Followed by dumb play by Robinson.

    What value does Warren Dunn add at the moment?

  • Incredibly poor defence by Northland pack off line out all game.

  • How was that not a knock on by BOP way back on half way. Crap.

  • Keep the updates coming Kev - this isn't on Sky UK so couldn't record it to watch later. Any updates would be brilliant!

  • And that was off our foot. Shit

  • It is 40 - 18 to BOP and we have played poorly

  • FFS...more reminiscient of last year

  • Bloody hell the updates I was getting from NZ must be delayed! That's terrible

  • 45 - 18 from soft intercept. FFS this team is lacking direction.

  • 52-18 no comment

  • I think we started on the wrong foot with the rotation.

    Very disappointing, but not at all surprising.

  • Are we the dumbest team on earth. Why not scrum when you finally have put your best props on?

  • we certainly seem to make far too many poor decisions.

  • The pain is over and the review begins. This was our test match, we failed miserably. Only once we put the reserves on did we look ok.

    Was Kara Pryor injured? He looked off.

  • @kev said in V BOP:

    52-18 no comment

    Holy hell.
    Pretty pleased I was busy this evening.

    I can't see where a win is going to come from this year.

  • worse still, the Warriors arent even playing this weekend to make ourselves feel better 😞

    Hope BOP fans appreciate what we did for them today!

  • Was the intent to provide everyone with an opportunity to start?

  • We are so much better than this. That's why I am disappointed.

  • side has had some very good moments, far outweighed by average skills and dumb decisions, but I also think the coaches have made some very odd substitutions (both starting and during the games)

    Oh well, time to go have a big f-off glass of whiskey and look forward to the test!

  • I obviously didn't watch the game but would have to think this result might have done a fair bit of damage to the coaches chances of retaining their positions given the winless streak we're currently on. We had a lot more experience than BoP, it was a must win game and we got thrashed.

  • @Chiefy yep, the coaches are gone, they have to be.

    Rugby at this level is a business, and and consistent failure like this is unacceptable.

    Time to start the hunt for a new coach, preferably one with a proven track record.

  • I thought we had been making inching progress in our first 4 games, with a bit of luck, reckon we cold have won 3 of our first 4...but that was woeful.

    I dont think we can say they are done just yet, I am a firm believer that a coach really needs 3 seasons to really make his mark, but unless we win in from here, I think there is no point persisting for another season, win/loss ratio will be abysmal.

    Problem is, who would take over?

    Fuck is about all I wanna say any more on that, fuckity, fuckity, fuck, fuck!

  • It's always a hard balance to work out whether it's players or coaches to blame. Now that we have had a number of players involved in Super Rugby, they've had a full season of build up and preparation and we're still 0-5. That's why I would be thinking it's the coaches that need changing. The games I've watched this year the team has looked like it has plenty of potential, it's just not being fulfilled.

    Would have to think if the coaches do go Greg Shipton would be a contender. Good track record with North Otago and NZ Age Group teams, worked for the NRU for a long time and just won a club title with OBM in his first crack at it.

  • our defensive structures seem poor, as we have under Harris and even Whitcombe, we defend too narrow. So often our winger seems to be defending as wide and thier centre position with an extra man out further, then there is the missing basic tackles too.

    So much wrong with that game it aint funny!

  • Well... I enjoyed that game for a change 🙂

  • @Donsteppa think you will find no one here cares....bastard 😞

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