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    @Stargazer damn it, foiled again!

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    Saw this on Auckland Rugby's instagram. Didn't know about this game. From other posts I understand that Tiaki Fabish, Jordan Thompson-Dunn, Joeli Rauca, but also Tiaan Falcon and Neria Fomai were playing. I think Liam Udy-Johns was there, too. Don't know about the rest of the team.


  • 2019 club rugby

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    @stockcar86 I would love to advise Stockcar86 of the result in the 20/20 match between NTOB CC and his combined NHSOB-Marist CC outfit played on Friday night but this is a club rugby forum so am sort of prevented from bringing up the 103 run win to the NTOB CC Premiers. Nevertheless I must acknowledge the great effort by the way NHSOB-Marist managed to bat out their 20 overs losing just eight wickets in the process!

  • Hawke's Bay Sevens

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    Today (Sat 9/11/2019) is the NOBM Invitational Sevens tournament. This tournament is important for the selection of the 2019 Hawkes Sevens team that will play the Central Regional Sevens tournament on Sat 30 November, in Levin.

    This is from the HBT article below:

    About the NOBM squad:

    He [Liam Edwards] pointed out their game plan will be similar to previous years. They will rely a lot on Hawkes forward Ricky Hayes to secure the ball in the air at reception time.

    Hayes and fellow key forwards Chris Johnston, who is back from his suspension, Matt Gardner and Will Tremain, who has returned after shoulder surgery, will have the job of protecting the ball and creating space for the likes of Edwards and fellow speedsters Zac Donaldson and Saia Paese to strut their stuff.

    About Havelock North's team:

    Havelock North have the likes of Latrell Ah Kiong, Ryan Tongia, Trent Hape, Anzelo Tuitavuki and Jacob Stephenson.


    About MAC's squad:

    While MAC will miss two of last year's kingpins, Johnny Ika and Solomone Funaki, who are attending a family reunion in Tonga, they still have Tom Iosefo, Fa'alemiga Selesele and Alatasi Tupou.


    Apart from the Napier Pirate Colts' teams (with a few familiar names from last year's Napier BHS 1st XV), I haven't seen other team line-ups for this tournament.


  • Magpies - 2019 Mitre 10 Cup

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    2019 Magpies Awards

    Player of the Year - Ash Dixon
    Players' Player - Ash Dixon
    Best Forward - Ash Dixon
    Best Back - Folau Fakatava
    People's Choice - Devan Flanders
    Rookie of the Year - Caleb Makene

    Also this from the HBT:

    Dixon said he wasn't sure whether he would be back next year. "I'm back with the Highlanders for another year and we will see how the body is after that before making a decision on more Magpies play."

  • 2019 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby

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  • George Bridge

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    That maths teacher is probably one of the funniest teachers out!

    Crazy the video said he only played one season in firsts. Jesus.

    Two things I took out of that....

    They changed the school haka....

    They figured out a way to make the uniform worse. Red blazer + Kilt!

  • Magpies - 2018 Mitre 10 Cup

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    He appeared to be perfectly happy to accept HBs money last year when the alternative would probably have been returning to the general workforce to earn a living.

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    @siam after winning the shield really I had nothing in this emotionally. Glad we won but what does 'winning promotion' mean? Compare this game v Waikato v '98! Still go the mighty blue n gold!!!!

  • 2018 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby

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    The Tui have lost their semi 10 - 34. They missed Cottrell badly; without her, there's no good game management, no creativity on attack. That's not Williams fault; she had to play out of position. There were too many handling errors, but the players showed great attitude. They kept playing until the final whistle. Jefferson, Powdrell and Tipiwai looking good, but the Tui desperately need to find younger players in some positions. Several players over thirty in this team and some of them are just too slow.

  • Tasman v Magpies

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    As you know with Ihaia West, if your only good at attacking then it can only get you so far

  • Magpies v Manawatu

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    @crucial move back to West Island already.

  • Magpies v Northland

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    Stargazer said:

    @nepia If MMT keeps on playing like this and gets sufficient opportunities with the Landers and plays well in SR, he may just take Akira's spot in the ABs. 😀

    Well he is the odd man out of the Highlanders loose forwards, every one of them except him is an AB. A few goods outings on the bench for him next year and hey presto he'll be an AB.

  • Hawke's Bay v Counties Manukau

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    Nepia said:

    @number-10 Pffft, we don't need facts.

    Also, is that Harbour we're playing not Counties? I need to apologise to @Crucial and find out who's an out Harbour supporter so I can direct my abuse towards them.

    Apologies accepted.

  • Magpies v North Harbour

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    I'm pissed off about some of the officiating, but can't blame the ref for our loss. It all went to custard after that long injury break in the 68th minute. A mega lapse of concentration and shitty defence followed and boom, Harbour win easily. At least we got a bonus point out of this game, but this just shouldn't happen again and again.

    Thought McClutchie had a good debut. The young lad didn't look out of place and didn't show his age. Kereru-Symes has a big future; I hope he keeps getting the starts. Taulagi and Lowe showing also showing lots of class again today.

    Not impressed with Braidwood this season (well, I've never really been impressed tbh). I hope Tim Farrell has the last of his big injuries and can take over next season. I also can't help thinking it's May's last season. Both are well into their thirties. Is Tavita-Metcalfe injured and is he a TH or LH? Can't remember.

    Our props and midfielders are clearly our weakest links (the latter mainly on defence). Young blood is available for the frontrow; not so sure about our midfield. Can only think of centre Leo Thompson from this year's Napier 1st XV. Not sure there's a good enough future prospect for the 12 jersey.

    Northland next ... on Wednesday.

  • Waikato v Magpies - Ranfurly Shield

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    Something else: what are they going to do when they have engraved all the little shields on the Log? Are they again going to remove them all and replace them with smaller ones? I vaguely remember they've done that before? Obviously, we'll reach a point that the Shield is "full".

  • Battle of the Bays

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    Don't know how long Ash Dixon is out for. Had a leg brace on his right leg.

    Brad Weber received the man of the match award.

    Was a bit fearful when Gareth Evans was replaced; has always seemed to suffer an injury during a season, but looked okay at the aftermatch.

    As with Counties Manukau last week, BOP did not appear at the aftermatch.

    Sam McNicol has been out there the last two weeks helping the team with their pre-match drills.

    The Magpies won despite having had no outdoor practice at all this week because of the wet weather.

  • Otago v Hawke's Bay

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    Hawkes player cleared of foul play

    Hawkes Magpies winger Mason Emerson has escaped sanction after he was cleared of foul play, meaning he can play in his team’s first home game of the Mitre 10 Cup against Counties Manukau on Sunday. Emerson was cited after the match for an alleged dangerous tackle under law 9.13 during Hawke’s Bay’s Round Two match against Otago in Dunedin. The Citing Commissioner noted Emerson’s upper arm struck the opposing player’s face with force, leaving the player stunned for a brief period before he carried on with play. He was not sent for a Head Injury Assessment. The referee had noted the tackle as "riding up" and issued a penalty kick only for the offence. After considering evidence from Emerson, and video evidence of the incident, Judicial Officer Chris Morris found the player’s evidence to be credible. He noted that the first contact between the players involved a head to head collision, with Emerson being hit in the chin by the top of the other player’s head. "It is clear to see that Mr Emerson pulled his head upward at the last moment and avoided what would have been a face to face collision." Mr Morris said on considering the evidence, he could not be satisfied that Emerson had committed the foul play for which he had been cited. The citing was not upheld and Emerson was free to be selected for his team’s Round three match at McLean Park this Sunday, 2 September 2018.
  • v Southland

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    @stargazer said in v Southland:

    This is the article @Number-10 you're referring to?

    That's the one. The references to last year are very revealing ...