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  • TSF Team of the Year

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    BTW, forgot to mention, polls set to close Friday 22nd, in time for the Christmas break.

  • Golf

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    This could even be the Masters for me now. Totally and utterly devoid of any interest in the professional version of this sport.

    I don't blame Rahm, I'd do it all day if I was him.

  • Black Caps - Bangladesh tour

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    @MN5 said in Black Caps - Bangladesh tour:

    @mariner4life said in Black Caps - Bangladesh tour:

    you know what really grinds my gears?

    The South Continent nations have genuine home pitch advantages. Absolute burners that take experience to play on

    What do we serve up in response? Benign flat batting decks. The only reason for our success was we had a metronome South African willing to bowl bouncers over after over after over until the batsman got bored and fucked up.

    Bring back the fucking green.



  • Major League Rugby MLR

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    Does this mean a number of MLR players will return to New Zealand and could play Super Rugby next year?

  • Springboks 2023

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    Fixtures for 2024
    6/7/2024 Ireland at Loftus
    13/7/2024 Ireland at Durban
    20/7/2024 Georgia at ?
    31/8/2024 All Blacks at Ellispark
    7/9/2024 All Blacks at CT Stadium
    28/9/2024 Pumas at Mbombela

    17/11/2024 England at Twickenham

  • Big Bash League 23/24

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    @JK said in Big Bash League 23/24:

    Got underway past night with my Brisbane Heat side taking out the Melbourne Stars in a very one sided affair, winning by over 100 runs.

    Poor old Colin Munro ended up getting stranded on 99 not out when a century looked very much a good thing. Things just didnt go his way in the last 3 or so overs.

    I really thought the stars would have won that with the links of Burns, Maxwell and Stoinis, as well as the addition of Olly Stone. Maxwell still battling injury issues by the looks.

    Next up tonight Sydney Sixers hosting the Renegades

  • Otago 2023

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    I got a new cap and jacket in the online sale but looks like they’re clearing everything out, makes me wonder if we’re moving on from Gilbert?

  • Aussie Rugby

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    @antipodean said in Aussie Rugby:

    Reading in The Australian that Marky Mark has elected to take a pay cut to go to the NRL. Take with your own measure of healthy scepticism, but apparently he had an offer from a Japanese club for three years at a million a year and will lose $300,000 over two years from his RA offer to join the Roosters and not playing against the Lions. An opportunity he'll never get again.

    It all reads very weird, TBH.

    Firstly: idiot.

    Secondly: if he's taking a pay cut for the NRL, what back room shit have the Chooks cooked up now?

    Thirdly: it is probably also a measure of the shitfuckery RA landed themselves in with Crazy Eddie and The Hammer running the place into the deck.

  • Blues 2024

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    Annual Navy Mud Run -

  • Exodus

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    Nick Grigg (HB) has signed with the Miami Sharks in the MLR.

  • EPL 2023/2024

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    @Bovidae that I can agree with, for me it's weird they're looking for a Pope replacement at this stage where that is not really where the problem lies.

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  • Concussion

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    Selected excerpts for those that don't have access:

    Two-time Geelong premiership player Max Rooke’s horror run of concussions has been revealed in a new “disturbing” statement of claim in the current class action against the AFL.

    Late on Wednesday, Margalit Injury Lawyers filed a statement of claim to Victoria’s Supreme Court which listed 23 instances in games where Rooke suffered “a significant head knock and/or suffered from, and/or showed symptoms consistent with, concussions, and/or suffered from loss of consciousness”.

    The claim says as a result of the AFL’s negligence, Rooke sustained an acquired brain injury and psychiatric injury.

    “In preparation for filing the statement of claim, Margalit Injury Lawyers have reviewed countless hours of footage of Max Rooke playing AFL football. The footage was distressing, not only because of the significant number of head knocks suffered by him, but because of the AFL’s clear lack of adequate protocols and protection of AFL players. We observed sickening knockouts suffered by Max, only for him to then be returned to play in the same game.”

  • Magpies 2023

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    The reactions under this post reflect what many have been saying after the SR squads were announced, including here. I still can't believe no NZ franchise offered him a spot.

    What a season for 'The General' in... - Hawkes Bay Magpies What a season for 'The General' in... - Hawkes Bay Magpies

    What a season for 'The General' in 2023. Bunnings NPC Top Points Scorer 🤫

  • NH club rugby

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    @Daffy-Jaffy Irish 10s huh!

  • Hurricanes 2024

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    @mikey07 they'll be cost saving as much as they can with the Lions.

  • Hawkes Bay Schoolboy Rugby

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  • Japanese Rugby

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    By the way, Japan Rugby League One starts this weekend and it looks we won't be able to watch it in NZ (legally). Just like the Top 14, nobody seems to have the rights to broadcast/stream the competition in NZ or they don't use those rights to broadcast or stream it.

  • NRL 2024

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    @bayimports said in NRL 2024:

    @mariner4life said in NRL 2024:

    I'm a little uneasy around this signing.

    Tohu and Capewell in the same back row is a little slow of foot, and held together by tape and wishes

    I think that's valid

    Tohu will be playing in a wheelchair by the time he is finished. I get the logic though, minutes will have to drop but team talisman in many ways.

    Capewell for all his strengths misses a lot of tackles, but probably plays the way Webster wants (knows him from Penrith). Capewell for me seems to be a Curran replacement in style, but with more leadership and maybe take the Tohu role of leader when not on the field.

    The big question is who comes in to replace AFB when he leaves, that is not easy to replace

    We have at least one year with AFB

  • Highlanders 2024

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    Be intrigued to learn how this came about. Must surely have been from Renton's side first? Think he'd be well suited to league. A good hard bastard, but is guilty of dying in contact, but that is less of an issue in League.