• US Masters 2021

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    Yeah, I watched the final round. If Zalatoris putter had been on a fire, it would have been very interesting. Schauffle basically beat himself when he completely fluffed the 16th. He'd gotten within 2 at that point, and a birdie there would have been a complete game changer. However, it wasn't to be.

    Fair play to Matsuyama though, holding his nerve. Not as great watching as previous years, but it's still the Masters.

  • US Masters 2020

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    @Paekakboyz said in US Masters 2020:

    @Hooroo not to mention a smoking hot missus!

    Whose dad is a sports legend

  • Golf

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    Ha, comment from Fox to his wife...did you like the leader board

  • US Open Golf

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    Watched the final round in its entirety. Was pretty boring once BDC got the the 3 shot lead, as then he just played "par golf", nothing exciting, all very boring.

    I do like his methods though.

  • Golf Gimme Gate

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    @Paekakboyz said in Golf Gimme Gate:

    That Kevin Na vid is cool. Dude is a ball of energy lol.

    Golf seems to have endless rules and protocols, but in this case it seems Garcia made a mistake. Even if Kuchar is a bit of a tool.

    They just had a bit of a clean up of the rules recently to make it a little more simple and to speed up the game. But you are right as there are a squillion little rules to be aware of

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    Good to see Rory finally win one after numerous Day 4 collapses in the past year.

  • Golf Carnage

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    @dogmeat Yeah - I know.

    But, a double-bogey on the easiest hole on the course after hitting a decent tee shot.

    I could have played ambrose with her on the 18th and had some of my shots counted - definitely not what you want as a pro golfer! 🙂

  • TSF Golf Club

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    Playing overseas courses is awesome. Played some in thailand a few years back. Had a similar experience with my caddy girl too!