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    Kobelco Steelers players in the Dev team? I knew they were with the Chiefs, but isn't this odd?

    I think it is part of the ongoing relationship/ support that the teams have. Started with CM years ago and both parties obviously feel there is value in it.
    I think you may find young Chiefs guys getting some experience in Japan as well.

  • I think they have been involved in the match day squad in the past, as they train with the main squad. These Dev teams should only be selecting from within the region and the Chiefs have plenty of injuries.

  • Just noticed that Ah Wong is there. He obviously stayed in NZ after playing for C-M. I would have thought he'd be in the Brumbies again.

  • Waikato have a relationship with Japanese Universities as well. Got a bunch coming now. My club Te Rapa will be getting a player or two. We had a couple last year and the winger was only knee high to a grasshopper but the way he played he had huge balls. Smashing bigger guys from the Waikato country clubs. Like a modern day Grant Batty. Only had them a short time which was a shame.

  • Matt Vai'i : is he the tall NZ Schools lock who played against Australia last year ?

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    Matt Vai'i : is he the tall NZ Schools lock who played against Australia last year ?

    The Wesley College lock in NZ Schools was Tupou Vaa’i.

  • Thanks !

  • Yeow! The injury curse strikes again. At least Pulu and Aumua can help cover the absence of Stevenson. Bit of weakness in the Chiefs back defense currently, needing solid reinforcement. Wainui seemed to be easily flat-footed by sharp attack and unable to cover, Fa'auli not great with defensive patterns either, and McKenzie not effective on big fast runners.

    I hope Seu is ok, to back up Retallick and Allardice at lock. Otherwise they might have to chance on McWhannell (who looked useful at the 10s) and Ardron.

    Boshier and Ta'avao really impressed on Friday and Falcon looks very promising. So the reserve depth is looking pretty good so far! Fingers crossed they will keep plugging the holes ok.

  • It never ends. Allardice will have to start now with Seu and Ardron used as backup locks. Caird or McWhannell would likely come into the WTG.

  • Can they call a replacement lock for Mitchell Brown ? If so, Tucker could be the man as he covers 4 and 6.

  • @cgrant Tucker is signed to zebre in Italy been there for a while

  • Thanks. I didn't know that as I don't watch the Celtic League.

  • The development side doesn't have much in the way of locks. They look to be more true development players rather than next tier.
    CMs Viliame Rarasea had a very good NPC. Is mobile and does a fair bit of hard work. Obviously not a stand out Super selection but if you are scraping around he could be worth a look.
    I'm guessing Seu will start taking a big role in getting the Chiefs through this.

  • @crucial

    I wonder what Keepa Mewett is doing currently? I don't think it is right picking overseas internationals like Rarasea ahead of local players, especially when he just played for Fiji last week.

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    Keepa Mewett

    Have to admit, I had to look him up. I don't get to see that much NPC at the moment and only make the extra effort to watch CM games.

    From my quick googling I gather he can be good.

    Sad that we are scraping around names that wouldn't normally be considered though.

    Does the rule that squad places can be filled from other franchise WTG contracts still exist? Not that WTGs really exist anyway, but I think the contractual term may do.

  • @crucial

    He has a gym in Tauranga, so is in Chiefs zone. Played for NZ Maori and played well against the Lions last year. Doesn't play for Taranaki though..., just BOP. But worthy of Super contract consideration nonetheless.

    I thought McWhannell has looked great at a higher level too - far more physical than Caird.

  • @arhs said in Chiefs 2018:

    I thought McWhannell has looked great at a higher level too - far more physical than Caird.

    Agree with that. Caird is a lightweight so needs to bulk up. McWhannell is only 19 though.

    Last year the Chiefs had C-M lock Matiaha Martin in the expanded squad. Where is he now?

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