Steamers v Otago Semi

  • Lock in this Saturday at The Tauranga Domain.

  • A home semi final! The dizzy heights! 🙂

    Already it's our best season in a long time - 5 wins out of 10 so far.

  • I never feel secure in any game (except maybe against Southland) given we concede tries pretty much any time the opposition gets within range. However our recent opponents have been the same and the whole comp seems to have become more high-scoring as it progresses.

    But we do have a home semi-final and 2 weeks ago I was wondering if we would make the top 4. And the Domain is great (even if they are not at all set up for a crowd over 3,000) and drinking Good George in the sunshine pre-game is definitely a better experience than drinking Wild Bull under the stand at Baypark.

    Can we beat Otago and make the final? Definitely. Is it sure thing? Definitely not. Expect there will be a few tries and it will be a close one.

    And as Donsteppa says, from the depths of our 1-9 season a few years back, we have been making steady progress. We've had a settled side (helped I think by injuries forcing Clayton's hand and stopping the endless rotation) and Delany has added some much needed sense to get us around the field. Now we really need an apprentice 10 to start picking up experience for when Delany retires.

  • I agree with everything you guys have said. In my grumpiness, I have given up on this team many times this year like I do most years. I'm beginning to think that is very much part of following this team...the ups and downs !! So often I have left a ground with steam coming out my ears in anger after some lost encounter or loss that could easily have been a win. But on the odd occasion we have a heartening win and my faith is restored till the next game... Thankfully this year the wins are becoming a bit more frequently and the foul moods are becoming more bearable.

    This game is very winnable (we did beat them earlier in the year after all). Kiwipie is right about the apparent ease with which teams seem to score when close to our line. That, combined with our mistakes makes for uncomfortable watching at times but I sense we are getting better and most of the team are stepping up to the plate as the season develops.

    Tauranga Domain is superb on a sunny afternoon and hope it fills to overflowing on Saturday.

  • I'll admit to feeling a bit sorry for Southland supporters at the moment - no wins from ten and a points differential of -300 reminded me too much of that 1/10 season a few years back.

    That said, I'd be happy to beat them 57 - 0 every year 🙂

  • @donsteppa that was us Taniwha supporters over the last 2 x seasons,they have struggled this year no question,what's worse I reckon they clocked out a few weeks ago..
    Best of luck against Otago...!

  • @steven-harris although even in our dark years we weren't taking those sort of hammerings Southland are.

    But yep, all been there when you cant buy anything!

  • @taniwharugby 2005? 1 losing bonus point all season and beaten 51-3 by us (first Bay try for Tanerau Latimer that day)

  • @kiwipie said in Steamers v Otago Semi:

    @taniwharugby 2005? 1 losing bonus point all season and beaten 51-3 by us (first Bay try for Tanerau Latimer that day)

    Yeah but it wasn't 57-0......

  • @kiwipie don't recall that year or that game you mention....

    16 point loss to Wellington, 22 point loss to Cantabs, 6 point loss to Southland....

  • I'll be interested to see the Otago line up. When we played them round robin, about 5 of their players were back from injury and were underdone. I don't think they will be this time around. Any injuries on the Bay front?

  • @gagaboy Good luck trying to get details of injuries through the press or The BOPRU.

    Before the Waikato game Solomona Sakalia, Isaac Te Aute and Liam Steel were all officially unavailable due to injury and I think Retallick was the only one who left the field injured during that game with an injury. We have really been lucky on the injury front this year.

  • @gagaboy They are a very dangerous opponent - we have to be much better on defence this weekend, we slipped off too many tackles or just hit the man around the legs without holding them enabling them to get up and carry on.

  • Bay are late in naming their lineup. I am assuming that we have some injury concerns... hopefully not too severe!

  • This is a team we beat a couple of weeks back by 8 points.

    They were at home.

    We had more territory and possession.

    We scored two more tries than they did.

    We had more line breaks, beat more defenders, had more off loads and they conceded more turnovers.

    This week we play them at home and they will be without their top try scorer. You would have to say that that bodes well for us but this is BOP.........

  • @snollygoster said in Steamers v Otago Semi:

    You would have to say that that bodes well for us but this is BOP.........

    Yep - time to start hiding behind the couch in preparation for hiding behind the stand 🙂

  • The Bay of Plenty Steamers is as follows:

    1. Aidan Ross (21)
    2. Liam Polwart (11)
    3. Jeff Thwaites (18)
    4. Keepa Mewett (32)
    5. Troy Callander (20)
    6. Mitchell Karpik (3)
    7. Hugh Blake (17)
    8. Jesse Parete (17)
    9. Richard Judd (8)
    10. Mike Delany (69) – Vice Captain
    11. Joe Webber (23)
    12. Terrence Hepetema (16)
    13. Lalakai Foketi (26)
    14. Monty Ioane (27)
    15. Chase Tiatia (23)

    16. James O’Reilly (15)
    17. Jordan Lay (6)
    18. James Lay (7)
    19. Tyler Ardron (4)
    20. Henry Stowers (16)
    21. Matthew Garland (1)
    22. Luke Campbell (14)
    23. Elijah Nicholas (15)

    Tom Franklin out with family commitments apparently.

  • Tough gig for the forwards with Franklin and Retallick. Line out loses options, but some good scavengers. Ardron will need to provide some punch when he gets on - I haven’t seen anything from him this season thus far.

    Good backline again, but Judd could count himself lucky. hopefully he regains some form this game.

  • Well done guys. Thought you would have too much for Otago. Good luck for finals.

  • Congrats fellas, nice win!

  • They kept coming back so we couldn't relax. Glad Koroi didn't start the game. But we did play well overall and deserved it I think. And home before 5 - love the Domain

  • And very glad Koroi didn't play the whole game. Man he was good and we could hardly lay a hand on him.

    Annoyed by ... players being tackled and getting up after the tackled rolls away.

  • A pleasing win. Especially so without Franklin and also being one player down for 10 minutes. Still an annoying number of mistakes but that was a good win against a good team so I'm happy.

    Wellington will justifiably be extreme favorites for the final so it will be interesting how The Bay play that game.

    Anyone know how Judd is ? He didn't look good.

  • Yep - good win. Particularly without Retallick and Franklin. I thought Callander was good. Blake and Karpik outstanding - be interesting to see what the loose trio will be for Wellington. Backline superb. Bring on the final.

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