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  • @act-crusader

    Ili especially. He now has a consistent outside shot which means the opposition needs to guard him and he wants the ball down the stretch. He made those crucial FTs vs the 36ers too.

    Yeah, Mika got pushed in the back and fell. I thought that ref was wanting to keep Perth close, but there were some other strange non-calls later in the game.

    A win in Perth would be great, it's almost a free game after taking care of business at home.

  • @act-crusader I hope they let Martin on the plane home in his injured condition 😂

  • I didn't realise Matt Knight has retired. Breakers enemy number one when they play but a great tough player who had a great career

  • Breakers going toe to toe with Perth at the Jungle. Heading into Q3 it's 49 all

  • Breakers win. Total team effort, ili nails the coffin shut with two buckets and an assist in the final 90 seconds while Henare sat his starting point guard Sosa. Playoff intensity basketball early in the season, just your typical Breakers Wildcats game. They are missing Matt Knight big time

  • JP Tokoto was having a huge game but was largely a one man band until Cotton started firing in the 2nd half.

    Ili again makes some big time plays down the stretch. Sosa was stinking the house out, but DJ has his second MOTM performance.

    Pledger was huge on the boards and Mika set the tone early with his play from both ends.

    Good to see Loe hit from deep. Penny was being bullied on D, but was hitting some huge shots in tight spaces.

    The bleating by Wildcats fans on Facebook after the game made the victory all that more sweeter.

  • The Blackwells have been superb owners.

  • @bovidae I hope this doesn't spell the end of what has been a golden period for the club. New owners will probably mean new ideas, some of which may be good, often bad

  • I am sure they will only sell to investors with similar values and they (the new owners) wouldn't want to change what currently works. New investment should mean more opportunities and hopefully more bums on seats.

  • @bovidae said in NBL: Breakers and stuff:

    I am sure they will only sell to investors with similar values and they (the new owners) wouldn't want to change what currently works. New investment should mean more opportunities and hopefully more bums on seats.

    You never know though. Many a US pro franchise has been bought by owners with good intentions only to flame out due to incompetence and a refusal to allow experts to do their jobs. The Brooklyn Nets and the Sacto Kings spring to mind

  • This is the best place for this story.

    I spoke to KIrk a few times in Indy 2002 and used to be able to watch him play live when the Badgers came to town. His stats indicate what a great NZ hoops player he is.

    It would be great if the Breakers could somehow win another NBL title this season but that will be tough from the 4th seed.

  • @bovidae In part they are the 4th seed because they wanted to face Melbourne. I hope they can do it one more time

  • @canefan

    Except the streak is now with Melbourne and some of the key Breakers' players have been inconsistent recently.

    As I said last year, anyone but Perth. 😉

  • Breakers playing for their play-off lives vs Melbourne at spark arena in Auckland now. It's ex-NZB coach Dean Vickerman vs the man who replaced him Paul Henare, it could be Kirk Penney's last game

  • Good but not good enough. Melbourne win in OT on a last second Boone putback

  • Bummer. I couldn’t watch the game but sad to see Penney end his career with a loss. Hopefully Adelaide wins the other series.

  • Penney turned back the clock with a huge game. Abercrombie was poor, we couldn't box out and Melbourne are stacked. Prather, Perth's finals mvp last year is their 6th man!

  • It was a bloody good game of basketball, and Melbourne did bloody well to get back in to it after that 1st quarter. Boone was huge!

    But yes, Melbourne are stacked. Even with Goulding being well down on his usual output this year, he still hit clutch shots; Ware is fucking good; and then they have Prather. That's a lot of guys who can take the big shot, without the bloke in the middle also having his best game ever.

  • We had too many guys have poor games last night. Abercrombie couldn’t hit the side of a barn door. That final block was huge but now I wished he had fouled Boone who isn’t a great FT shooter and we will have time for a last shot.....

    Speaking of which, Sosa’s play at the end of regulation was stink. Way too much dribbling and then not finding Penny who was hot was criminal.

    I wish we had won, but that game was reflective of how our last 10 games have been. We start well and then go into our shell. Our offence gets stagnant and we rely on isolations. Not great.

    We missed Finn also to give us that spark off the bench on the boards and in defence.

  • @act-crusader All good points. Abercrombie was so poor you wonder if he's a spent force. After strong starts to the season Sosa and to a lesser extent Newbill were found to be not good enough. With new owners coming in it will be interesting to see where we go from here when other teams are spending big to outgun us

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