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  • I don't think we have a NZNBL thread do we?

    Anyway, I am quite impressed with the quick thinking and action by NZBB here. Will they be proven right that product will be a big enough driver when quality may be down?
    By setting up new teams and a new comp punters get a chance to join in to something fresh without previous.
    I like the ambition.


  • I will be interested to see the list of players who have registered for the draft, and if it includes many Saints and Sharks players. They were the most vocal in pulling out of this new competition.

  • *However, the new league has not found favour with everyone, with all five Breakers bypassing it, and long-serving Tall Black Corey Webster expressing his criticism on social media on Tuesday.

    "Awesome for NZ basketball, taking the talent worldwide ... but none of the talent is playing," Webster said via Twitter.

    Webster's former club, the Wellington Saints, along with the Southland Sharks and Hawke's Bay Hawks declined to take part in the competition.

    He followed that up by saying: "There’s a reason the three best teams in the league aren’t playing, the same reason all the best players aren’t playing. And the person running the league should probably take that in to consideration."*

    So what is that reason?

  • The NZ NBL draft is live on SS3 and streamed on Stuff from 5 pm. The Otago Nuggets have the first pick.


  • I watched the 1 h draft for rounds 1-5 yesterday. Of course it doesn't compared to the NBA draft but it was interesting to see how teams prioritised different positions with their picks.

    Players could be pre-selected if they fulfilled one of the following criteria (schooled in the city for four years; lived there for a stretch of 10 years or more; played their most NBL minutes there; or previously signed for 2020 there). No team was allowed more than two of the top 14-ranked players though, decided upon by an independent panel.

    Round One
    Otago Nuggets - Jordan Ngatai
    Taranaki Mountainairs - Derone Raukawa
    Manawatu Jets - Tom Vodanovich
    Nelson Giants - Mika Vukona
    Canterbury Rams - Jack Salt
    Franklin Bulls - Dominique Kelman-Poto
    Auckland Huskies - Izayah Mauriahoohoo Leafa

    Round Two
    Auckland Huskies - Tohi Smith Milner
    Franklin Bulls - Sam Timmins
    Canterbury Rams - Taylor Britt
    Nelson Giants - Mike Karena
    Manawatu Jets - Hyrum Harris
    Taranaki Mountainairs - Marcel Jones
    Otago Nuggets - Jarrod Kenny

    Round Three
    Otago Nuggets - Jordan Hunt
    Taranaki Mountainairs - Shane Temara
    Manawatu Jets - Jayden Bezzant
    Nelson Giants - Dane Brooks
    Canterbury Rams - Joe Cook-Green
    Franklin Bulls - Everard Bartlett
    Auckland Huskies - Leon Henry

    Round Four
    Auckland Huskies - Taine Murray
    Franklin Bulls - Jackson Stubbins
    Canterbury Rams - Alex Talma
    Nelson Giants - Tom Ingham
    Manawatu Jets - Taane Samuel
    Taranaki Mountainairs - Tai Wynyard
    Otago Nuggets - Kane Keil

    Round Five
    Otago Nuggets - Josh Aitcheson
    Taranaki Mountainairs - Mitch Dance
    Manawatu Jets - Nick Fee
    Nelson Giants - Josh Bloxham
    Canterbury Rams - Sam Smith
    Franklin Bulls - Isaac Davidson
    Auckland Huskies - Rasheed Al Kaleem

  • @Bovidae cool to see a couple of real young fellas go in the first round.

  • @ACT-Crusader I hear Vukona has a good future ahead of him.

    Salt had already signed with the Rams so was pre-selected. I'm interested to see how he goes as he was more of a defensive player for Virginia so has the opportunity to expand his offensive game, looking ahead to the Tall Blacks.

    There are a number of other young players who spent time in the college system in the US but aren't well-known locally.

  • @Bovidae yeah was more referring to Kelman-Poto and Mauriahoohoo Leafa. Both been playing college and at small schools.

    The Otago squad looks pretty good.

  • @ACT-Crusader said in NBL: Breakers and stuff:

    Mauriahoohoo Leafa

    Mauriahoohoo Leafa Was having an outstanding senior year at Sac State until COVID hit. He can shoot the lights out if he gets going.

  • @ACT-Crusader said in NBL: Breakers and stuff:

    @Bovidae yeah was more referring to Kelman-Poto and Mauriahoohoo Leafa. Both been playing college and at small schools.

    I knew who you were referring to, although neither is that young. Kelman-Poto is 25 and Mauriahoohoo Leafa will be 24 later this year. Salt is 24.

  • @Bovidae Salt is well known given who he played for. But the other two lesser known. And 24 and 25 still young, well from my old armchair at least.

    @raznomore last I saw he was averaging double figures at Sac State. Not bad when your team only averaged about 60ppg.

  • @ACT-Crusader yeah he did well. Especially with a an offence built around their bigs and point guard. He didn’t seem to get any plays drawn up for him and did well to take the opportunities he got.

  • After missing out on Isaac Fotu, who is returning to Italy, the Breakers are expected to announce the signing of Tai Webster today.

  • @Bovidae that will be a goo pick up, Hopson is also rumoured to be returning. Another good big is on my wish list too.

    Have squad sizes been reduced for the coming season?

  • @OleOleOle

    I don't know, but I assume it will be the same. Perhaps less overseas players in each team? Edit: A maximum of 2 imports this season.

    Sek Henry won't be returning as he will be playing in Turkey. Webster would be his replacement.

  • Only 2 imports this year (a backward step IMO, but i assume it's budgetary so teams like Cairns can stay alive).

    Plenty of big name free agents on the market, but none i would throw money at.

    In Taipans news, the State Government's appalling handing of the convention centre upgrade has resulted in us losing our home for the season (at least until Feb i believe, but this being a big construction project, that probably means April). As it is an election year, the State Government are ponying up the cash to create a temporary home in an old Bunnings Warehouse. Only 2,000 fans, but that's a damn sight better than the earlier alternatives (playing in Townsville was floated).

  • Here's a summary.


    I hadn't realised that the Hawks had signed Brian Goorjian as their new coach. No players signed yet though.

  • @Bovidae said in NBL: Breakers and stuff:

    Here's a summary.


    I hadn't realised that the Hawks had signed Brian Goorjian as their new coach. No players signed yet though.

    Yep, new owners went for a big name coach straight up.

    Season doesn't kick off until December this year, so heaps of time for rosters to form

  • @Bovidae Gorj doesn’t need the money given he’s been on good money for the last decade in China. Just loves the game and Australia is home.

    There’s a few whispers that Hawks will land one of the big Aussie FA’s.

  • The final of the NZ NBL tonight:


    Otago didn't even have a team in 2019 and Manawatu finished last. Using the draft system to even out teams has been a good idea. The Nuggets have won all 4 games between the teams this season.

    Jordan Hunt 19.5pts, 6rbs, 1.8 treys per game
    Jordan Ngatai 18.6pts, 5.7rbs. 4.5ast, 2.1 treys per game
    Jarrod Kenny 11.5pts, 3.8rbs, 5.1ast per game
    Tom Vodanovich 22.3pts, 10.2rbs, 4.2 treys per game
    Hyrum Harris 14.5pts, 11.5rbs, 6.6ast per game
    Jayden Bezzant 17.9pts, 3.3rbs, 3.6ast per game

  • A like-for-like replacement for the Breakers. Two more spots available on the 10-man roster.

    The NZ Breakers have signed former Brisbane Bullets' star Lamar Patterson to a one-year deal, further bolstering their already impressive roster for NBL21.
    The 28-year-old Patterson earned himself All-NBL First Team honours in each of his two seasons in the league as a member of the Bullets.
    Representatives of Patterson, who has played 40 NBA games, approached the Breakers last month after learning Scotty Hopson was still mulling over a contract sent to him in March.

  • @Bovidae a good pick up. Patterson is a bull. Got an array of offensive moves and like his competitiveness.

  • geez that's a good signing. Must have chucked money at him, because there is no way the Bullets wouldn't have picked him up

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