Magpies - 2018 Mitre 10 Cup

  • Did Brad get injured in the USA game? Saw his insta story seems like hes on his way home to NZ

  • @magpie_in_aus Yes, I mentioned that in the MABs thread. I doubt it's due to injury, as after the initial team naming, they inexplicably added another halfback (Sam Nock), so I assume it was then known that Weber wouldn't be available for the South American leg of the tour. Four halfbacks seems a bit much for 2 games. Maybe he has a private commitment (wedding or something like that)?

    Or he'll suddenly appear at 21 in the teamlist for the test against Italy. 😬

  • WTF is Izzy wearing? 😱


  • Seriously Mods, we need that downvote button!

  • Finally, a short comment about the 2018 season. Overall, I think we've done better than I dared to hope at the beginning of the season, so this is quite a positive afterthought.

    I didn't know what to expect after the last few seasons. Last year, the players almost looked scared when they walked onto the pitch and some seemed to hate being there. I wondered how much of that was still at the back of their minds when they returned this year.

    With the memories of the previous seasons still lingering, I feared we would struggle with such a young squad and I wondered whether the team would gel with a) many players from outside the Bay and b) the young-old devide.

    But the changes seems to have worked out well. The team seemed to enjoy their time together, on and off the field. I can only assume that the new coaches have been able to achieve a complete culture change; that the newbies (youngsters and imports) have brought new energy (and ambitions) to the team; and that the old heads have used their experience to move things in the right direction. I also think it was really good for our season that we started with two wins, even if we lost games after that. Really good for confidence! IIRC, Ozich said at the beginning of the season that it was too early for thinking about promotion, but he was hoping to make the semis. He's achieved exactly that.

    It was a pleasure watching the Magpies play again this year, and geez, did we need that as supporters! I reallly am looking forward to next season. Can we just skip Super Rugby (and the RWC 😆 ).

    I finish this post with some quotes from players (copied from instagram). Really positive to read (and there were many more like that)!

    Devan Flanders:

    Unreal year in the black and white, especially being able to play with my Akina brothers

    Lincoln McClutchie:

    Such a blessing running out with the brothers in the black and white jersey ⚪⚫️ #1664

    Thankful for the opportunity #birdgang🦅

    Sasa Tofilau:

    Thank you God for blessing me with the opportunity to pull on the black and white hoops for this great province @hbmagpies. I’ve never been apart of a team that has as strong a culture than what I’ve felt since making the move down to Hawke’s Bay, I’ve met so many great people and made some lifelong friends. Plenty of ups and downs but I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learnt and I can’t wait to come back a better player next season. #TheRealBay #GodsPlan ⚫⚪

    Joe Apikotoa:

    Over and out for the 2018 season, loved every minute I got in the black and white hoops! We just getting started ⚫⚪🤪 #grateful #theprocess

  • The question is now, will he come back for Mitre 10 Cup next season? This contract with Stade Montois (Pro D2) is until the end of the season (May/June 2019), but even players on short-term contracts rarely come back, do they?

  • Here is a nice piece on the start of getting the horrors of 2017 turned around

  • Two things I just saw on Insta:

    • JJ Taulagi saying that he doesn't think he'll be back with the Magpies next season
    • Joe Apikotoa training with the Highlanders

  • @stargazer Gees that would be a big loss.I thought he was pretty good last season, but I guess money talks.

  • He appeared to be perfectly happy to accept HBs money last year when the alternative would probably have been returning to the general workforce to earn a living.

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