2018 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby

  • Bloody hell, that's a bad result.

    BOP definitely has a very good team, but we have some seriously good players in ours, particularly Flanders, Devery, McClutchie, Toala and a few others like Dodd-Edwards and Giles. Admittedly, I don't know many of the other players. Do we have the right coach for this team? I expected a loss, especially after the result against Wellington, but this is crazy.

    We were only in the top division because Manawatu was so utter shit this year and maybe playing in the bottom division would have been better for our team?

    Hopefully, the boys can still perform well against the other teams.

  • Not quite representative rugby but just as important. The HB Mitre10 Cup Tipping Team are suffering serious injury crisis with two missing with injuries last week meaning we had to front against perennial champions Wairarapa-Bush one short. Despite that serious disadvantage we almost tipped them over going down by just three points (37 - 40). Not sure of the severity of the injuries but luckily Propsicle is back in NZ at the moment and was pressed into service, giving us four of the six needed for last week at least (just the top five from the six count each week so someone having a stinker does not affect the score!). Think he is only here for another couple of weeks before departing back home so we really need at least one Bay supporter to step up to the mark and get our roster back to full muster as it looks like one of PAJ or Clara have season ending injuries.

    Use this link to get to the tipping sheet - Tips to be in by 7.34pm Wednesday night NZ Time

  • Today's U19 result: Hawke's Bay 33 - 35 Tasman (HT: 21 - 15)

    Damn, so close. Leading at half time.

  • From HBRU FB:

    It’s been a tough few days here in Taupo for the under 19 squad after our big loss to BOP on Sunday, but the boys have shown some character to come back hard today against Tasman. Whilst we lost, and are absolutely gutted to have just dipped out 33-35, the character and resilience displayed today was a vast improvement.
    Up front Jacob Stephenson was strong - both defensively and on attack. Rangi Fox, and until getting knocked out by a ‘cheap shot’ from a Tasman player, Nick Hutton both made big contributions.
    Kyle Cornelison was always a threat, and solid on defence. Lincoln McClutchie controlled the game and ran the cutter well, with Danny Toala showing his all-round class.
    The loss now see’s us playing off for 7th / 8th position on Saturday - against Taranaki.
    Tries - Lincoln McClutchie (2), Danny Toala, Jacob Devery, Flynn Allen
    Conversions - Danny Toala (4)

  • The Hawke's Bay tries are in clip below. It's a pity the clip doesn't include the Tasman tries, so we don't know what went wrong, but I like what I see, particularly from McClutchie. I can't find Flanders in that clip. Pulled or injured?

  • Rep games Sat 15 September:

    Jock Hobbs Memorial National U19 Tournament - 7TH/8TH PLACE PLAY-OFF
    11.00am: Hawke's Bay U19 v Taranaki U19 @ Owen Delany Park #3, Taupo

    Hurricanes Shield Development Competition
    12.00pm: Wellington Samoa v Hawke's Bay Saracens @ Hutt Recreation Ground, Lower Hutt

    1.00pm: Hawke's Bay U18 girls v Poverty Bay U18 girls @ Rugby Park, Gisborne
    1.00pm: Hawke's Bay U16 v Wellington U16 @ CET Arena #3, Palmerston North (preseason game)
    1.00pm: Hawke's Bay U16 Dev v Wellington U16 Dev @ CET Arena #4, Palmerston North (preseason game)
    1.00pm: Manawatu U14 v Hawke's Bay U14 @CET Arena #2, Palmerston North (preseason game)

    Central Region Samoa High Commission Cup - Final
    1.00pm: Wanganui Samoa v Hawke's Bay Samoa @Marton Park, Marton

    Farah Palmer Cup
    2.30pm: Taranaki Whio v Hawke's Bay Tuis @ TET Stadium, Inglewood

  • Seeing that that Taranaki mens team are referred to as the Taranaki Bulls I am disappointed that the Taranaki womens side is not called the Taranaki Heifers.

  • 0_1536884769800_d012919b-d04f-4548-afbe-0b431ce951fb-image.png

  • They should call this game the "Battle of the Birds".


  • HB 19s up 21-8 on Naki at HT, Flanders & Fakatava playing

  • 40-13 HB FT

  • @trooa Glad they finished the tournament with a win! It's a pity they only televise a few games of the tournament and don't livestream the other games. I would have liked to watch some of our future Magpies play.

    Found this photo on Facebook. Looks like Flanders, one of the guys lifting the lock? I feared he was injured after he didn't seem to play the second game and seeing an (unidentifiable) player on crutches on one of the photos on FB.

    alt text

  • Just back from the Hutt Rec and am pleased to report that Hawkes Bay B smoked the Wellington Samoans by a score of something like 43 - 19 in absolutely beautiful conditions. More details to folow

  • From the HB U19s FB page:

    Great finish to the week, with a 40-13 win over Taranaki giving us 7th place at Nationals!!
    This has been a big week of rugby - with a number of highs and lows. For these young men to bounce back from the heavy defeat to BOP on Sunday, the narrow loss to Tasman, to getting up on finals day to claim the win was a great effort by all involved with the campaign.
    These young men have come a long way - from the early days back in June to a 7th place finish at tournament is a credit to the effort put in by them all.
    Points scored today:
    Tries - Lincoln McClutchie (2), Folau Fakatava, Danny Toala, Lolani Faleiva, Dan Sharplin
    Conversions - Lincoln McClutchie (4), Danny Toala

    Interesting to read that Fakatava was playing, after having played in the Magpies game on Thursday.

  • Hawke's Bay Tuis defeated Taranaki 55 - 10.
    Hawke's Bay U14 beat Manawatu 62 - 10.
    Hawke's Bay U18 girls lost to Poverty Bay U18 31 - 38 (HT: 14 - 24).

  • @stargazer Devan Flanders was in Hamilton with the Magpies as injury cover, which is why he missed the Under 19's match v Tasman on Wednesday.

  • Rep games - Saturday, 22 September 2018

    Farah Palmer Cup
    11.35am: Hawke's Bay Tuis v Harbour Hibiscus @ McLean Park, Napier

    Hurricanes Shield development competition
    12.00pm: Hawke's Bay Saracens v Manawatu Dev @ Tremain Field, Napier

    Hurricanes Pre-tournament games
    1.00pm: Poverty Bay U16 v Hawke's Bay U16 @ Lambton Square, Wairoa
    1.00pm: Wanganui U16 v Hawke's Bay U16 Dev @ Lincoln Park, Ashhurst

    1.00pm: Hawke's Bay U18 girls v Manawatu U18 girls @ Tremain Field, Napier

  • 0_1537558305310_89554029-6504-4bc3-b646-2f23478b0724-image.png


  • Slightly surprising half time score at McLean Park, with the Tuis leading 16 - 5 against North Harbour.

    Harbour should normally be the stronger team, but the Tuis are dominating territory & possession, and dominate the scrum.

    The Tuis second try scored by Te Maari MacGregor was a beauty.

  • Great result for the Tuis, beating Harbour 52 to 10. Very dominant performance.

    Having watched them play last year, I noticed a significant improvement this year. Passes stick, the scrum worked well, better defence and attack. Krysten Cottrell is a class act; you can see why she was picked for the Black Ferns. Having Emma Jensen back in the team helps a lot, too.

    Far from the finished product, but hopefully they can improve further and become a team that is fit for the Premiership. This result should help them reach a spot in the semis. It's probably too early for the step up, but considering they finished last the last two years (losing all their games), this season is going really well.

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