Highlanders v Rebels

  • He's like the funny side kick type, not main info commentator for me

  • @bones said in Highlanders v Rebels:

    Lose used to be freakin awful, but lately I've noticed he seems to have matured really nicely, doesn't make stuff up any more and calls it as ya see it.

    He's actually not bad as a play by play commentator, but hopeless as a comments man. Don't give him time to think.

    Although I am huge fan of Sumo. Sorry @MajorRage

  • If Lose would lose the "out of Napier Boys High", like they were horses, it would go a long way.

    He pronounced the Polynesian names well, which is good.

    He goes on about those from "The Kingdom of Tonga" which is less good (Piers Francis is from the "Kingdom of England And Wales" but apparently only one kingdom is important).

  • @chester-draws although he pronounces non- Maori/Island names like they are now and then....

  • Willie Lose is a poor mans Ken Laban. He's not bad, but Ken Laban is on another level.

  • @african-monkey I find Laban the worst of the worst. I've lost count of the number of times he got his facts wrong, including names (and schools). Sometimes, I think he just makes things up and hopes nobody notices. What also gets to me, when he's commentating on schoolboys' games, is when a player makes a handling or other error on his way to the try line, the ref blows his whistle, gives a penalty to the other side or disallows the try and then he says "ohhh, but he deserved it". As soons as I hear his voice, I press the mute button. He annoys me even more than Justin Marshall.

  • I guess they didn't take the loss very well ...

  • They're all various degrees of crap in my opinion. Actually I quite like Ken 2nd man play Laban. Lose is ok too.

    I wonder if Nisbo actually makes an effort to be as bland as he is or if it's a gift.

  • @stargazer I knew you would bite haha. I just love his pronunciation of names tbh it's beautiful to listen to.

  • I quite like Laban.

    My issue with Lose is when he starts yelling when someone scores a try. I understand it is good to get excited for big plays but the guy literally starts yelling into the microphone - dial it back a bit.

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