Manawatu v Waikato

  • Pretty solid bench. It should make the difference at the end.

  • No comments on this match yet? i only watched bits and pieces of the first 50 minutes. Had some doubts about the Manawatu try that made it 12 all, then Manawatu came alive with some strong carries from Kirikiri. Good finish from Thompson after another attack initiated by Kirikiri made it 19-12. The Declan O'Donnell try was a beautiful team try. It's 19 all.

  • Some wonderful attack by both sides.

  • Bugger, they're stuffing up my picks for this week. Junior Laloifi scores his 2nd for the Turbos. C'mon Waikato, I need you to win.

  • NMS looked sharp.

  • FT: Manawatu 24 - 19 Waikato

    In the 50 mins I watched, NMS looking good for Turbos; Thompson, apart from his try, not really influential. Kirikiri looked good, too and that frontrower from the Brumbies (Sione?).

    Reece & Manihera good for Waikato.

  • @kiwimurph Yeah, he was in everything. Lots of energy, sparking the Turbos' attack during the part of the game I watched.

  • I've just watched the first 40 mins as I didn't see any M10 games yesterday. Even though I know the final result I was encouraged by the 1st half performance considering that isn't the strongest Waikato team available. Jonno was correct with his halftime comments.

  • Thoughts on the 2nd half:

    Numerous missed opportunities when in the red zone due to poor discipline (including a dumb play by Bond right at the end of the game) and handling errors will mean Gibbes and co won't be happy with the result.

    Anyone know if the Manawatu player has been cited for the cheap shot on Tucker?

    Plenty riding on the game vs NH now with 4 Premiership teams to play in quick succession.

  • @bovidae said in Manawatu v Waikato:

    Anyone know if the Manawatu player has been cited for the cheap shot on Tucker?

    NZR is extremely shit when it comes to publishing citings and decisions on citings. I remember finding them last year, but don't quite remember where. I'll keep an eye on it.

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