All Blacks v Springboks

  • Machpants said:

    **"There was no such joy a week later against the fired-up South Africans and Hansen had to go back to the 2007 World Cup quarter-final defeat to France for the last time he saw such a lack of awareness from his men.

    "Our game management was next door to zero … that was our biggest problem," he said. "No one's going to get hung out to dry for us losing. We just have to pick up on the little things.

    "I think back to 2007 as the last time I can think of the game that we so poorly managed. It was the pressure of the scoreboard and the pressure of the event and this time the same thing happened.

    "We got really individualistic and tried to do it all by ourselves. All we had to do was take a big breath and maybe take a shot at goal in the 66th minute and that gives you three points and maybe get a try and that puts you in front. That's one example.

    "A dropped goal wouldn't be bad either would it, and we couldn't do one of those in 2007 because it's not the thing that the five-eighth at that time is used to doing. It's not one that Beauden [Barrett] has done, I don't think he's ever got one [in tests]."**

    Pretty damning from Hansen about leadership and management there!

    Yeah pretty brutal assessment there. The fact is we did well to get back in the game after gifting them a big lead but when it came to the "championship minutes" we ch ch chok....fell short.
    Similar situation to the last Lions test. Despite getting fucked over by the dodgy non penalty call we still should have closed that game out.

    Really hope they can use this loss to get that hard edge where not only can we blow teams off the park after 50mins but if it comes down to the last 10 we march down field and put the game to bed. That is what that 2011-2015 team was so good at.

  • @bones Nerves

  • @pukunui And selecting the best side would help. ALB is a 12 and not a 13. Ben Smith is the best 15 so pick him there.

  • grumpy coach, good to see

  • Machpants said:

    grumpy coach, good to see

    Is he ever anything else?

  • Stargazer said:




    TA - try assist
    LB - line break
    LBA - line break assists
    RUN - runs
    RM - run metres
    OFF - offloads
    TB - tackle busts
    LOW - line-outs won

    Source: Fox Sports

    can you put Willie le Roux down for 1 LOW?

  • Toddy said:

    Who is the defence coach at the moment? They've shipped a few points over the last few games.

    possibly not in the defence coaching manual are 1. how to defend a poor quick throw option and 2. how to defend an intercept when backline is hot on attack

  • @nevorian We've looked a bit clueless out wide though.

  • This game was a nasty shock. Shades of Chicago 2016 in the All Blacks terrible option-taking and of Cardiff 2007 for poor game management. Massive credit to the Boks for making all those tackles and taking their chances in attack. The Old Foe is back.

    The All Blacks have been Bledisloe Cup holders for 16 years, the Number One team for 9 years and World Champions for 7. Success can breed success, but it can also breed complacency. Some of the All Blacks were complacent in Wellington.

    Hansen, Foster and Fox need to be unsentimental and weed out of Thier squad any players who ain't as hungry for success as their Saffa, Irish, Welsh or English peers. Winning back to back to back World Cups will require the All Blacks to work harder than any other international team in the next 13 and half months.

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